Primary School Children

Why does a company an eating contest with primary school children is it madness? Is it idiocy? It sounds easy only worse, as it is? A large German company tried to teach something about nutrition to children in a competition. Parents and teachers should participate in it. An eating contest some other variety Nestle organized the company from early February to late April 2010. It is to eat does not matter as much as possible in a short time. Even as little as possible in a long time is not the goal. Rather, a healthy, balanced diet is what Nestle the initiators with your Nutrikid project and Foundation read the heart is. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. To collect points for their competition and to win a large prize, the children must exert with friends, family or school activities. “Sign up for the competition our class is class” you could do yourself until the end of January, the number of participating classes is limited to 2500. Now is the competition to the fullest. For further information to the Competition are available on the page. Thomas Konstanz

The Spinal

Fear of the future and Now, there are relationship crises. And doubt whether you can love the being so completely upsets your life. Pregnant women must arise in a State, which leaves no back door. All controls on a target to the birth of inescapable. Yael Aflalo wanted to know more. And what is with the baby from the not very bright days? It knows you from the inside, it takes your mood, no question.

But because the kid is so close, it tracks every bright spot immediately. Babies in the womb are also extremely conciliatory nature. Already a tender thought lets them blossom. 280 days from the fertilization of the egg to the birth of the baby. Time to wonder.

For example on this number: If your baby on the world comes, several billion brain cells have formed in his head. It off to explore life. And all imprinted on MOM 😉 Eight training tips for expectant mothers driving you as regular sport between two and four times a week. Looking for friends who join, or persuade your partner. Together is more fun. Check your pulse: The heart rate should not exceed beats per minute during 140 to 150 pregnancy no longer than 20 minutes. With a heart rate monitor, you will have your pulse constantly under control. Avoid overheating of the body (hyperthermia), don’t go on your charging limit. You make the talk test”: also during the sports can follow a conversation, without thereby to gasping for air. After each load, the body rest and first after a workout once 24 hours break needs. Just so he completely regenerates. Not save calories. The daily energy requirement increases from the tenth week of pregnancy to about 300 calories. Ideal energy suppliers are complex carbohydrates (whole grains) and vitamins (fruit and vegetables). Stay hydrated equally important: after exercise (and in between). They rely on professional help, especially if you are in a gym train. Wrong techniques and movements may put strain on the joints and the spinal column. Pay attention to your joints. During pregnancy, the tendons and ligaments are stretchy. Cause: the neurotransmitter Relaxin, which increases the risk of injury so by twisting. Listen to your inner voice. Then you feel soon, what does your body good, and what is too much. You have once no looking for movement, you take a break.