Silver Bullet

Capital goods sales needs confuse already targeted marketing that can tags: brand awareness, benchmarking, best practices, network marketing, social media marketing, strategic marketing, etc. What does an SME from the capital goods industry – such as? Marketing consists of a whole series of tasks that have to do as the name already expresses all the market. And the market consists of customers with special needs, anywhere in the world. Of course, you have at least the most tags make sense and hence a raison d ‘ etre. Since many SMEs Yes by far are this and it still not all called but not really can arrange on your company, please find hereafter a brief explanation and a general procedure proposal. Brand awareness, here it comes, perceived as a brand / product / service by potential customers is positive and negative – or the General awareness is needed.

What connects you as potential Customer or also Viewer/visitor of a Web page? Benchmarking Kurz said, is including the qualitative and quantitative systematic comparison of products, processes or services to understand, i.e. the company to other similar. Best practice if benchmarking was carried out, (allegedly!) are best brands ‘ found where you then focus / can measure. Network marketing is the distribution of a product through different distribution channels, which in turn are complementary or also buy that but does not include direct sales to consumers, but the sales takes place on different paths and levels. Social media marketing this be made known products or services through the known online networks like such as facebook, MySpace, YouTube, Digg, etc. That is ultimately the brand awareness’ is more about the boost as to the direct sales. This must be ensured by supplementary means. Strategic marketing If there is a silver bullet, then this, since all aforementioned activities on behalf of the customers and on him (the customer / market segment) involved ‘ are included.