San Sebastian

The special thing about this area is that this grass has arisen by itself, without human labour. A rocky circular field grows on these nothing more area than grass. It is surrounded by dense forests large clearing a feature dar. In addition, the bewucherte dense and humid forest represents a natural highlight of the island. On well-built paths can flick through the forests and the reverse mosten leave the trees on which to work.

Long hikes should not plan but day guests in these woods because not wait the departure of ships and the serpentine road provides some nice vantage points. So you will pass from the plateau coming on several volcanic domes which will enjoy probably also some time. “A volcano dome arises from the fact that the rock the volcano as cork” clogged more cures than the volcanic rock that makes up the outer volcano. If then by rain the outer shell of the volcano more and more is removed, the inner, harder core of the volcano remains. You can save your way to the airport a day tourist.

He is very curvy and takes too much time for you as day visitors to the island. If you are again the island capital of San Sebastian approach, come to several beautiful views to valleys and eventually to the city of San Sebastian itself over. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Yael Aflalo, New York City has to say. Should take the island on your own, we recommend at least an hour before the Fahrabfahrt in San Sebatian to be in order to have enough time to give the car more and to enter the ship before the closure of the gates. The crossing takes to Tenerife then express ferry 35 minutes or 80 minutes with the regular ferry. We hope these directions has somewhat helped you become acquainted with the island of La Gomera. If you have enough vacation time on Tenerife, we advise you to make a day trip to La Gomera on all cases. The images and maps from this report are copyrighted. You may not be used without the express permission of combipix for editorial or commercial purposes. Michael Wnuk / Bildagentur Combipix