Nose plastic surgery is also known as rhinoplasty. And involves a surgical intervention to change the appearance of the nose, in the event you are not satisfied with your nose. There are some reasons why people choose this type of operation. (Not to be confused with Cardiologist!). The main reason is purely aesthetics. A person wants to change her appearance and wants to invest for this purpose. People tend to have surgery nose plastic because they think that his nose is too big, or too small, or have a little plump. Another reason why people are somenten to the nose plastic surgery is when suffered extensive damage by some trauma or disease.

Nose bone is a very fragile body and break easily compared with other bones. When the damage is serious not always cured well. You could even lose its function when the damage is really important. Nose plastic surgery can correct such damage and restore to normal operation. Next to a trauma, a disease like cancer also would be a reason to perform a rhinoplasty. When cancer has reached damage skin or nose bone, you can suffer an instability in the functions of the nasal cavity.

To correct this problem, the only person that can solve it is a surgeon. There are two main types of procedure related to a nose plastic surgery. When the damage is not as serious, the surgeon will perform an incision on the inside of your nose. He will let the outside intact, so no scar is not seen. It works from the inside to fix the damage or to change the aesthetic. However, when the damage is too severe, required more space to work to correct it. Is hara, in this case, use of the external plastic surgery, making an incision on the outside of the nose. The surgeon will make the incision in the crease where the nose touches the face so then not notice much scar. Anyone that is the reason that you want to undergo a surgery plastic nose, the communication with your doctor is very important. You must communicate your wishes are and how you want it to look after the operation.