Psychological Consultant

The kids are great … it seems that yesterday they started to go to school. there was cookies evenings, homework, nagging and television, Friends who drop by, inviting friends, etc At that time I complained sometimes not have time for me. Running from home to work. Of work to pick up the kids. I was almost in the palm of the hand that promotion, but involved many hours outside the home.

The advanced course also left behind … but my role as mother and housewife was almost delegated. And my job and I had enough time … Sometimes I looked in the mirror and wondered how much of that fun girl, attractive, carefree romantic look was still walking. But there were moments of reverie that broke as a spell is broken with the cry “amamaaaaa!” Or when the clock showed he was late to work, or when the telephone rang insistently. The kids today are great.

They are still a little blobs, still can not get to wash the vessels after use and do not accumulate towers that ascend to the roof as a work of modern art. Now entering and leaving the house, have their schedules, their studies, their lives … work became an automatic routine and the clock no longer runs, but extends its hours, its minutes, his second … almost seems to stop at certain times of day. Now step in front of the mirror and not make me the same question before … I have fear of the answer … and and if there was nothing left? But between books, pans, office and school meetings was someone who also ran next to me. He was there all the time. Sometimes we ran together, sometimes each one made his own career … but our paths were always parallel. I look into the house in the afternoon. If, for he also spent the years. The fatigue is evident in their circles. But there is a sparkle in her eyes, in his eyes that still reflect their bubbly personality, his temper, I love the playfulness. The looming gray hairs among his black hair and gives it a interesting. It seems serious, independent, tough, but has a sensitivity that only those who know much know see. She looks at me, greets me loosening his tie and making me a gesture bringing the thumb and forefinger asks me, as always, a coffee. I feel he has the essence of good. I see you have new charms and also retains the charm of before … “Que wrong? yQue I have? “he tells me seeing that I was there, without reaction, looking hypnotized. “We’re alone …” His smile and his eyes swam through my body. He rose from his chair, grabbed me by the hand and led me to our room. For a moment everything stopped. The clock, the phone, people, the world and my mind. It was magical. The sunset gave way to night and that day were two to dinner. Before saying anything, before I got up I scanned the scene with my eyes. This is the best mirror that reflects me today. You may have won a few kilos, my body is so tense and my face betrays a path without a break, without waste … but we are not after all a life that began almost without realizing it, we are again starting from again. In the mirror I see splendid. This mirror tells me I’m the same, and I’m also a new one. Public graphologist Indart Marigel Psychological Consultant psychotherapist.