Psychoanalyst Psychologists

What difference is there between a psychologist and a psychoanalyst? A psychoanalyst takes to the symptom as a warning that something is wrong, a sign that is calling attention to the need to rethink who we are and what we do for power in this way stop suffering from the malaise that we have. In this way, do not have as a primary objective make disappear to the symptom, since this gives the subject invaluable information about yourself, to be able to know about whether and what led him to have this discomfort. This perspective points to a change in the way of being and relating that will invariably lead to the disappearance of the symptom as initially presented. A psychologist, generally speaking, will aim to remove the symptom, with a series of techniques, hypotheses and recommendations. I.e. not pointing to a change of being and how to link it, but that it aims to have a series of tools to be able to alleviate the discomfort. Taking this perspective, there is a risk that the problem before (symptom), arises with another mode (another type of symptom), given that being (the way) of the person in question was not modified. Well, now to be able to explore their own being, to perform a psychoanalysis, it is necessary that the person is not overwhelmed, by which, if the symptom does not allow live, even a psychoanalyst will apply a series of procedures with the intent that the person relieve discomfort and in this way it is possible to talk about what happensYou can explore their ways of linking and being. In this sense, these techniques have the same purpose as the medication: facilitate the conditions for performing a therapeutic treatment.