Property First

The propertyfirst opened in 1978 under the name of MGM Grand , at that time was the largest hotel-casino in the world, with 26 floors, 1,015 rooms in 0.59km2. Construction cost 130 million. On June 3, 1978, “Hello Hollywood Hello” ( “Hello Hollywood Hello”) by Donn Arden made its debut. The same year a expansion which increased to 2,001 rooms. In 1986 the property, together with the MGM Grand in Las Vegas were purchased by Bally Gaming Corporation. Both centers are remarkable as Bally’s. Subsequently, in 1992, Harveys Lake Tahoe entered into a bidding war with Hilton Hotels Corporation on the right to purchase the center. Harveys announced an agreement for a deal of 70 million, to enter the Hilton Group in the bid increases the supply up to 73 million dollars and assume the debts of Bally’s.Some weeks later, after considering even higher bids, a federal bankruptcy court resolved the issue and approved the final offer of 83 million Hilton. After the hotel was purchased by Harrah’s Entertainment (which also has Harveys), the 2005 acquisition of Caesars Entertainment. In earlier stages of MGM Grand in Reno, a stage was erected where a lion trainers Ennead for photographs with visitors to the hotel. Metro, the lion was not only deeply sedated Ennead but to all appearances was not a danger to visitors. Then the visitor was protected by plexiglass that was built and he entered the lion. At no time was allowed a visitor could be attacked by a lion. On 11 May 2005, Caesar’s Entertainment announced a deal to sell the Reno Hilton to Grand Sierra Resort DBA PLANTworldwide Corp. for 150 million. On 23 June 2005 the sale was completed and the name of the property changed the Grand Sierra Resort.