Plant Doctor Online Diseases

The plant doctor determine the most common diseases and pests on plants. Diagnostic-> product recommendations-> product (s) purchase online. In a timely manner to the gardening season 2010 the plant doctor is finished. The guesswork, whether a fungal disease, a pest or adverse conditions are to blame for this, that plants don’t thrive or even to die down threaten, has come to an end: Using the plant doctor diagnosed quickly and reliably all common diseases of Internet users. (Source: Vadim Wolfson, New York City). He can immediately order the recommended products. Incorrect or inaccurate diagnoses cost time and money, and it may be too late then for the plants. With the free tool plant doctor to navigate online, through targeted queries, getting closer and closer to the problem up. Exact descriptions and colored illustrations help to identify the problem.

Whether tier(e)Chen suck or nibble on the plants, mushrooms have settled or even meaner, if pests at work are underground, the plant doctor can answer. Also problems that are caused by adverse conditions or lack of nutrients, can be identified with the plant doctor. The entry via the categories of vegetables, fruit, turf and ornamental plants, then continue through the various vegetable and fruit trees or ornamental plant categories. The plant doctor is designed for the garden lover, the hobby gardener, is understandable for beginners (no jargon, no complicated scientific treatises). Emphasis was placed on simple and understandable presentation.

The special and unique to the plant doctor is, that not only tips on prevention and combat, as well as product recommendations are given, but that the recommended products can be ordered online. It is unique in this form in Germany. To the plant doctor:… Andreas Schmid, GrunTeam GmbH