English Extracts

Extracts of acute – hot peppers do not cause reddening of the skin and clear, so they should not be attributed to a group of funds, causing redness of the skin. On such specific properties of hot pepper is different from the others, strongly irritating the skin of funds, Ol. Preventive Medicine Research Institute pursues this goal as well. Terebinthinae, Ol. Juniperi, Ol. Sinapis. After ingestion of hot pepper extracts, increased salivation occurs with a high content of amylase in it and mucopolysaccharides, as well as gastric juice. Hot peppers credited with the ability to induce synthesis of digestive enzymes, which makes it possible to treat indigestion the natural way, rather than by taking enzyme preparations. Extracts from the fruit of hot pepper have antiviral effects.

Empirical data. Hot pepper extracts used externally for sciatica, neuralgia. Suitable combinations. Pepper combined with funds that have an external irritant – Camphor, ether, ammonia Mixture alcohol tinctures of the fruits of pepper with camphor and ammonia – the popular painkiller, a tool known as "penkeler '(from the English words – pain – pain killer – the killer or pain killer, that is, pain medication or pain-expeller – "banishes pain '). The extract is combined with sunflower oil as a liniment (liquid cream).

Undesirable effects. Irritating to the mucous membranes of the upper respiratory tract, eyes; cause watery eyes, sneezing, runny nose and cough. Method of application. Hot pepper is used inside and outside a vehicle. Inside – in the form of tinctures and alcoholic extracts to excite the appetite and improves digestion facility. Alcohol paste of hot peppers take 10-20 drops before meals. Hot pepper extracts have antibacterial action and can also be used in acute gastro-intestinal disorders. Externally – as ointments, liniments, patches. Pepper powder substitute mustard poultices. For this purpose use the pepper patch (Emplastrum capsici), as an anesthetic for the treatment of arthritis, radiculitis, gout, as well as in catarrh of the upper respiratory ways and other cold-related diseases. The patch is placed upon the sore spot and it can be left there for 48 hours (in the absence of a strong feeling of burning). Besides tincture of pepper that is used for applications mouth, also known many products containing extracts from hot peppers for outdoor use: ointments and Capsiplex Histadermin, liniments and Linimentum Restaurans Linimentum capsici comp., pepper patch Kapsiplast etc. Herbs Against Rheumatism – Programs alternative treatments


Roots, rhizomes, tubers, bulbs – Radices, Rhizomata, Tubera, Bulbi, dried after cleaning. Thick roots and rhizomes, if they do not cut, you need to be dried at low temperature (40 C), with a uniform evaporation of the inner and outer parts of them without discoloration and decay without active substances. Uncut and thick roots to dry slowly. Much faster than dry or thin sliced thick roots. Introduced a method of drying medicinal plants with infrared light. In this case the infrared rays penetrate the plant material, resulting in the drying process is very fast.

However, this method is difficult to use for large quantities of raw materials. Saponin and can be dried by lyophilization. More info: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn, Jr.. This method is used for drying plant materials that are active components are especially easy to split. Lyophilization is carried out at low temperature (20 C). The moisture content of dried material of only 2-4.5%.

It is established that this method of drying medicinal plants containing alkaloids tropanovye, there is a higher percentage of alkaloids than the raw, dried at 50 C. During the drying process by conservation of raw materials, but is not guaranteed to complete stabilization, so that some authors believe that herbal preparations (tinctures, extracts, etc.) – better ways in which medical factor is in a stable form. Now apply and highly purified preparations are more stable than herbal. In recent years in Bulgaria put into practice, and dry (scattered) aqueous extracts of raw materials – Pharmacotherapeutic group. Pure substances isolated from the raw materials, have significant advantages in comparison with him or made from raw materials of herbal medicines, since only in this form can be preserved and monitored their therapeutic effect. However, this effect is not always coincide with the pharmacological effect of medicinal plants. Therefore, the treatment dosage form is introduced, which has the most favorable pharmacological action, which is achieved through experimentation. Sometimes the composition of the raw material for drying and changing under the influence of other factors that have no biological origin. Thus, formed during the drying, acidic substances can cause racemization of optically active components in fresh plants. After drying, the material is subjected to a new clean, sort, final drying, resp. grinding and packaging. The purpose of the last cleaning – to remove from the raw random foreign objects into parts of plants or parts that are lost during the drying of its natural color. Raw finally dried to moisture content required to satisfy the norms or standards of the pharmacopoeia. We can not allow drying out, since such material is easily broken and turns into a powder (especially, leaves, flowers) when packaging and transport. Sorting is carried out according to the instructions of standards for different qualities of the same type of raw material (I, II and III) depending on the destination – pharmacy or industrial raw materials. Saponin (except some small fruits and seeds) are used in pharmacy practice or pharmaceutical plants in the state of sliced or crushed into powder. Narezivaniya to use special machinery – for cutting, grinding mills, screens, etc. in designated premises. Some types of raw materials – leaves, flowers, roots and rhizomes for greater convenience and to avoid losses subjected pressing. Pressed or not leathery leaves and small flowers, some roots and roots. Grinding medicinal plants when pressed – a slight, and thus avoid the growth of molds, if feedstock contains moisture in an acceptable range. When packing material is also important and all packing material. –


In our time the concept of happiness and beauty intertwined almost discontinuous. Become increasingly difficult to succeed in anything unless you have a beautiful vneshnostyu.S TV screens we impose the standard of beauty: 90-60-90. Newcastle University oftentimes addresses this issue. And kaie only the victims do not go our wonderful women trying to at least a little closer to the ideal. We are exhausting themselves before exhausting workouts semiconscious state. We sit at the starvation diets, pills glataem weight loss, and some more affluent resort to surgery.

Take for example lipoksatsiyu-fat removal by vacuum. It seems about to do the surgery and everything, great shape provided. But not every woman is aware what awaits her in reality. First, it is quite a painful procedure and is performed under anesteziey.Spetsialisty injected medication into the spinal cord, making the puncture. Not want to scare anyone but this very protseduda also quite painful, and well, if not falter hand specialist, and then you know it's all the same brain …

Second in a single operation can remove up to 20 pounds of fat.'s Just put you thereafter in the intensive care otdelenie.Pochemu you ask, yes it is very easy for the body, it is not stress but a real shock. So the best option would be removed if the 2-3 kg. one seans.Takaya procedure takes almost no significantly to the body, even on the contrary, in some cases improves the functioning of the heart. Removal of more than 4 kg at a time .- is a severe blow to the immune system cheloveka.Nu think you imagine what it is (constant colds, etc., etc.) Okay, you did such an operation, and then what? State the next day is not pleasant: fatigue, aching pain, which resembles a pain in the muscles after exercise, it seems that it is very cold. It also happens that teryaetsya sensitivity operated stations. For several days the patient is removed zabintovana.Binty under running water, as they are, these dressings adhere to the body and not just snimayutsya.Posle these 'nice' procedures provided must wear special clothing contracting for 6 nedel.Tak as there is excess skin tissue. It should be reduced to the required size. If not, you need to do excision of excess skin. The hospital stay after surgery 2-5 days depending on the state. The first time it is not possible to do without pain. Within a month, to make dressing and physiotherapy. So the ladies decide for yourself: whether to make such sacrifices? Suddenly, the loss of a few extra pounds you with them poteryaetee and their sexuality and attractiveness?

Biennial Herbs

Carrot crop – Dauern carota L ssp. sativus (Hoffm.) Arcangeli Sam. Contact information is here: Dean Ornish M.D. Apiaceae (Umbelliferae) – Umbrella Description. Biennial herb, with thick, fleshy, conical or cylindrical root. The first year develops priosnovnaya rosette of leaves, leaves slozhnoperistye on the cuttings, for the second year there is floriferous stems, height 60-100 (180) cm, slightly branched at the top. The flowers are small, clustered in umbels complex. Petals white, greenish or reddish. Some contend that Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. shows great expertise in this.

The fruit is dry, decays into two halves, on the surface of which there are crest tumors. Blooms in June – July. Distribution. Grown as a vegetable throughout the country. Dikorastuyuschie forms are widespread throughout the country and Europe. Raw materials.

Fresh roots (Radix Dauci recens). Seeds (Semen Dauci). Composition. The Roots – are rich in carotenoids, vitamins B, B2, C, pantothenic acid, essential oil, coumarin (umbeliferon), sugar, seeds – contain up to 1.5% essential oil, flavonoids, fatty oil. (Similarly see: Donald Sussman). The main action. A rich source of vitamin A, antihelminthic. Experimental and clinical data. Fresh roots, with a rich content of vitamins, especially carotene, which is a precursor of vitamin A, are very valuable food. High content of beta-carotene explain the therapeutic effect of grated carrots, squash as used for burns (including sunlight) and to treat ulcers trudnozazhivayuschih. Also contained in the carrot provitamin A explains the beneficial effect of carrot juice in catarrh bronchitis. Raw carrots and has a mild deworming effect. Carrot juice, as obtained from it essential oil, at first excite and then paralyzes the muscles of the intestinal worms and thus facilitates their removal from the body surface. Raw is best grated, carrots can also be used as anthelminthic (But not always reliable) – mainly in enterobioze and ascariasis. Treatment of carrot can try to carry out mainly in debilitated children, because they have a more effective anthelminthic drugs may be associated with the risk of poisoning. Carrots – a valuable tool in pediatric medical practice in eating disorders, especially in infancy. Carrots also credited with diuretic action. Of carrot seeds isolated flavonoid amount as a therapeutic drug, called "daukarin '. It was established experimentally that provides selective daukarin koronarorasshiryayuschee action. Daukarin used in chronic coronary failure – not eliminating angina, this drug weakens them and makes it more rare. Method of application. Raw, grated carrots best. You can also use fresh carrot juice. For outdoor Applications – pulp from fresh carrots. Medicinal Plants of protivoglistovogo –


Why Erickson's hypnosis? There is medical hypnosis, and Erickson. Medical presupposes hypnotizability man, and he was exposed to only 15% of people. It involves injecting a person in the state, close to sleep, that is very profound change in consciousness, in which the client must agree to come and lie down. That is, requiring a special time and place. Newcastle University has firm opinions on the matter. Ericksonian hypnosis subject to 100% of the population, since it is based on one of three natural human condition – a state of trance (besides sleeping and waking). The man constantly falls into a trance state (remember yourself when you are traveling in public transport and look out the window, fascinated or admire on a candle flame, or just go to sleep). Putting the natural trance – one of the skills Ericksonian hypnosis.

This can be done when you have something to explain to his listeners, or just communicate with him. During the trance you directly communicate with the unconscious client, bypassing his mind. Now let's see, what is consciousness and unconsciousness. During his lifetime a person absorbs all the information that is found in his experience. Consciousness – it is only 5-7%, is that he understands that he is aware. All the rest, approximately 95% – keeps our wise unconscious.

In fact, we have much to remember and a lot of things we can. Most people just do not know how to communicate with his stock options, a fount of resources and responses. Consciousness – that is what we usually protects that prevents us.

Struggling With A Cold Autumn

Getting ready for fall with the beginning of autumn son became listless and sad. It does not cease to this day. Perhaps check out Dean Ornish M.D for more information. He gets hard in the morning, do not often smile. In tiredness, apathy, fatigue is the mass of the root causes – from emotional to medical: worms, giardia, chronic infection of the disease because of that or because of defetsita compensatory capacities, the child may develop lethargy, and loss of appetite, and fatigue and many other things, requiring support a physician. But possible that the real cause of your complaints are much more prosaic.

Unfavorable impact on the psychological and adaptive capacities of the child workload, a reduction of daylight hours, going to school. Therefore Increase the power of lighting in your child's room. That is what will benefit in this situation: replace the chandelier with incandescent bulbs to halogen lamps, hold the baby for a walk after school, before send a child to sleep, Do the lessons from 15.00 to 17.00. A week later, will appreciate the changes. If complaints are not logged, please refer to a psychologist or doctor for further assistance. How to protect your baby from colds in nursery Roughly speaking, the germs – it's vampires.

And they fear of garlic. And the microbes that cause more than 80% of ARI and ARI, just afraid. The thing is that volatile, which includes garlic, cause the release of interferon in the nasopharynx and roto-, and interferon helps to protect cells from viruses – prevents the penetration of bacteria into the cell. If viruses are not raspostranyatsya, then SARS will not arise. To protect against viruses do not have to hang in the flat bundle of garlic, finely chop the garlic enough to saucer and leave the room at night. Manipulation should not be repeated more than once a day, but not less frequently than once every 2-3 weeks.

Communicating With Horses

In this age of stress and stressful pace of life becomes the rest that neither is required classes. Modern man, especially a resident of a megacity, spends a lot of strength to the arrangement of his life. This continues day after day, year after year. And yet the body wears and wears. It is only proper rest can help rebuild strength and regain the harmony. For the urban dweller in such a "correct" holiday can be called unity with nature.

In this article we will talk about horses and dealing with them as a form of relaxation and the maintenance of tone the body. Horseback riding, horse trekking, horse riding, horse summer camps, riding lessons, horseback riding, hippotherapy … As you can see, the options to get positive emotions, relieve stress and gain weight there is a charge of vivacity. You can treat this as a distraction, you can do it professionally. But believe me – You will never remain indifferent and receive unforgettable impressions Horses – very smart, kind, loyal and sensitive animals, possessing an exceptional memory.

And the benefits of horseback riding is huge. From a physical point of view, the horse – this is a great exercise for the muscles. It is known that this animal for one minute, passes the rider more than a century of vibrational pulses. As a result of human activity reflexively given in all groups muscles, develops fine motor skills and complex coordination of movements. At regular employment you will become more flexible, agility and great posture. In addition, in medicine, there is such a thing as hippotherapy. Donald Sussman contributes greatly to this topic. It the direction of studying the ability of horses to treat people of various ailments. Known and often times when a horse heal seriously ill. And the horses body temperature by 2 degrees more human. Because of this, cuz top, everything else you will walk the course "massage with warming", which will have a miraculous effect on the internal organs of the abdominal cavity. In general, horse riding probably has a positive effect on all systems and organs. In addition to the undisputed positive physical effect, horse riding and have a positive psychotherapeutic effect. Horses instantly feel the tension in us, and reflexively help from her get rid of. Minutes spent in the saddle, and contact with the sensitive animals teach thinner feel the surroundings. Especially if you decide to make your trip a regular horse, the horse in the process of learning, caring and communication with her You will gain invaluable skills. In addition, psychologists say that the feeling of control powerful, graceful animal on a subconscious level builds confidence in himself, gets rid of the complexes and stimulates the vital tone. Throw away everyday cares, "attacks" from the normal rhythm of life, take a dip in a natural, relaxed and measured world – a world of communication with horses. He will give you an amazing sense of freedom, ease of union with nature.

Royal Jelly Vitamins Baby

The structure consists Be Strong: In one portion containing (15 g): Vitamin B1 0.9 mg Vitamin B2 1 mg Vitamin B6 1.3 mg Vitamin D3 2,5 g Med 1200 mg Concentrated juice Acerola 300 mg Royal Jelly 100 Most manufacturers mg, if use of these ingredients, then, first of all, not in this combination, and secondly, apply powder royal jelly and honey, extracted from the honeycomb by heating, which leads to destruction of its molecular structure and loss of large amounts of nutrients. Acerola juice concentrate and Children's Vitamins Acerola (Malphighia glabra, Acerola) – (Malpighi granatolistnaya, Barbados cherry, tropical cherry, Puerto Rican cherry) is the richest in the world fruit content of vitamin C. It grows in the West Indies, Barbados, Jamaica and Suriname, and is valued at the highest levels of vitamin C. Acerola is actually not a real cherry, it is more like a citrus fruit. To read more click here: Pediatrics . It divided the flesh into slices. Ripe fruit acerola dark red in diameter is less than two centimeters, crisp, with tangy flavor and bitter-sweet taste. Acerola has traditionally been used in folk medicine as a tonic agent immunity.

Gather the fruit in poluzrelom state when the vitamin C content reaches a maximum. Of acerola extract up to 95% of the vitamin in the form of liquid is then converted into a powder, which is prepared from concentrate. Royal Jelly and Royal Jelly Vitamins Baby (Royal Jelly) – one of the most amazing products that give the bees. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Donald Sussman. It is produced by glands of bees and goes to feed the uterus bee family. It is no accident in the West and the East it has long been called 'royal jelly' (Royal Jelly), because of the peculiarities of production and labor use it to store only the wealthy nobles, princes, kings. The value of royal jelly is due to its unique composition. It contains up to 14% protein, 5.5% fat, 17% carbohydrates and about 1% minerals.


White birch-Betula alba L. Birch family – Betulaceae tree 20-25 m tall bark smooth, white, pergamentopodobnaya, with dark lines. Coma rather thin, pyramidal. Leaves triangular-ovate, rhombic-ovate, petiolate. Young leaves are sticky, the old – naked, glistening. Flowers – male form at the end of the branches sway earrings brown, female – earrings thin, straight, green. Fruit – nut with two wings. It flowers in May – June.

Birch grows in the wild and cultivated as an ornamental plant. In the former Soviet Union, there are about 65 species of birches, slightly different from each other. In medicine they are used in equal measure. In dermatology apply birch, birch sap, birch tar. More information is housed here: Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. White birch leaves collected in June and July. Click Dean Ornish M.D to learn more. Chemical composition: butyl ether, hyperoside and other flavonoids, ascorbic acid, tannins, triterpene alcohols – folientetrol, folientriol, essential oils, trace element zinc. Action: diuretic, antiseptic, choleretic, antispasmodic, anti-inflammatory, sedative, antihelminthic. Birch leaves are used in Dermatology in the form of infusion (10 grams a leaf in 200 ml of water) in acute eczema with symptoms of soak, neurodermatitis, prurigo, skin ulcers, abrasions, acne vulgaris, psoriasis, and when combined with the pathological process uric acid diathesis, or when in complex pathogenetic treatment should include medication, which has choleretic, diuretic, sedative, anti-anthelminthic and vitamin action.

Birch sap – is not only pleasant but invigorating and therapeutic drink. It includes a calcium, potassium, magnesium, iron and other micronutrients, malic acid, tannins. Sap Time – March-April. Birch sap is very useful in various dermatoses. Apply fresh juice to 1 cup several times a day. Outwardly birch leaves are used for baths with allergic, pruritic dermatoses; lotion with decoction of birch leaves or buds contribute to the healing of wounds. Decoction of birch leaves and buds rubbed into the hair roots with hair loss. Externally a decoction of birch leaves, buds or birch sap has been used successfully for acne vulgaris, in cosmetics – to removing age spots. Birch tar is used topically in the treatment of scabies (as part of an ointment Wilkinson), he is a member of Vishnevsky ointment, at low concentrations – in the treatment of eczema, prurigo, psoriasis (Protivozudtny has an anti-inflammatory effect, promotes the resorption of pathological elements of an eruption). – Medicinal plants in Dermatology


Diseases of the spine are common in modern populations. To understand the breadth of the problem is enough to say that at least 80% of people older than 35 years at least once in my life felt pain in his lower back in back. The main cause of back pain – different types of degenerative disc disease are the third most common causes of disability among the territory of Russia. About 10% of osteoarthritis cause disability. Diseases of the spine occur very diverse. Most often patients complain of pain of varying intensity, both during active physical activity, and during the absence of physical load (especially when in a static position: work, driving, etc.). For example, osteoarthritis is typical for the so-called start-up pains. This is pain that occurs after a long period of rest ali night's sleep.

To start the pain is characterized by a reduction or complete disappearance after a minor load on the spine (morning gymnastics, stretching, a few slopes, etc.). Pain in herniated intervertebral discs constant, dull, sharpening with the dynamic or long-term static load. Pain in hernia may increase with coughing, sneezing, laughing, and others quite harmless actions. The complex of therapeutic measures in spinal diseases include a variety of modalities: Medication (anti-inflammatory drugs, vitamins, to improve the nutrition of cartilage tissue) effects on the spine and adjacent muscles with massage, chiropractic, osteopathic techniques Physiotherapy (laser, various electrical and thermal effects, reflexology, etc.) Recently, more actively in treatment and prevention of pain in his lower back in so-called functional therapy – the use of physical and during the static load on the spine of special products, lingerie belts. Belt supports the lumbar muscles and sacral area, relieve tension, normalize muscle tone, eliminate pain and discomfort. Dr. John Mcdougall will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Corsetry recognized as the most effective method of reducing load on the lumbar vertebrae. Even the banal "belt lifter 'reduces pressure on the lumbar vertebrae by about 24%, while current models corset belts are capable of more.