In your hands is not only the Organization of res publica, task for which we voted on them, but also determine in reality worth our work even in the private sphere (because that directly control the value of the currency) since then, while more corruption and less State control has, more monetary mismanagement will exist and therefore higher inflation. IV – some consequences of inflation and proposals to avoid this fact, generated by the State, acts as the possible more regressive tax, affecting private property past, present and future. He makes the individuals to live in a State of uncertainty constant envelope how much money needed to meet their basic needs and damage accumulation of capital needed for investment and growth. This unjust tribute affects mainly the lower classes, since it always ends up hitting primarily more basic goods, such as food. Inflation and fluctuating monetary policies affect all those who wish to plan and invest long-term. Attacking this way to capital and the economic and legal security, hinders growth, production and employment.

Among the ways of combating any inflationary phenomenon are the following actions that can be taken by any State. You must first recognize the problem. Alter official measurement of price indices, for example, only brings rigged greater insecurity, denial of reality and therefore more inflation. Fiscal responsibility and monetary policies state long-term are also measures which were very favorably to alleviate this evil. Eventually and ideally, even He could return to the use of the currency sign, with some backing in a well that meets the essential characteristics of money. Due to the expansion of this article, end it here. In my note below I will perform an analysis of the Argentine national inflationary reality using the concepts developed here.