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Every true connoisseur, connoisseur or breeder is well-known constant desire to acquire the most beautiful, most unique of blood, the most valuable representative of your favorite breed. A simple animal lovers want that their friend, family member, a security guard was healthy, balanced, cheerful and reliable. Where did we take all these very, very best, favorite brothers our smaller, without which we can not imagine our lives Case breeding Animals are very complicated and troublesome. Suffer the bitter disappointment of those who decide to cash in on this easy and fast money! But when, finally, the mass of doubts, worries, worries and sleepless nights will be compensated for the appearance of to light ‘is a’ offspring, which he dreamed breeder the time comes the following difficulties and problems! And it was not to grow! Now, if today’s feed and vitamins, can be grown litter ‘any complication’ have only a very willing and able to do this.

The main difficulty – to find each of its ‘child’ are good, safe hands, in which he was not sorry to give away. And that, as practice shows, is not easy! In connection with this very urgent problem, a great joy delivered familiarity with newspaper oyavleny about animals “establishments friend! Newspaper design is impressive, made a bright, colorful, with good taste, and content – interesting, informative articles, more ads and offers that, however, competently and harmoniously arranged, when reading does not coalesce into a solid mass and does not interfere with each other. Very interesting is that each issue is devoted to a particular breed, the article on which is written by experts and contains valuable information. Would like to express my gratitude to the newspaper, which provides invaluable help for beginners, enthusiasts, and most importantly, breeders in their hard case.