New Order For STAS Directly On The Middle-class Days

The comprehensive selection process of Oskar Lehmann GmbH & Co.KG completed Reilingen at the middle-class days in Reilingen ordering of STAS CONTROL, 31.5.2010 once STAS, always STAS. Jens Gerking, the controlling Manager of Oskar Lehmann GmbH & Co.KG, was satisfied customer of BI and CPM party since 2003, before he turned on Nov 1, 2009 new challenges and took over the development of controlling at Oskar Lehmann GmbH & co. KG. He will be supported in the future STAS CONTROL BI and CPM solution, which he commissioned STAS Mittelstand days in Reilingen during the 13th. This was my fifth visit to the middle-class days. I am pleased that could we in the short term it okay got from our management and I sign the order even at the event”, says Jens Gerking. I look forward, now again to be STAS customer.” The 1961 Oskar Lehmann in Blomberg-based manufacturing company produces a wide range of plastic parts such as caps, glider, etc.

for many Sectors, in particular for the furniture industry. In addition, manufactures Oskar Lehmann special products according to customer requirements and thereby offers a complete value chain from a single source, from development to production and logistics. One of the central demands of the Business Guide to the new controlling officer is to replace the existing, very expensive and not always transparent monthly reporting by a well cooked daily updates reporting system. Although Jens Gerking STAS CONTROL already knew from practice, three systems were evaluated in detail. Again, STAS was against the competition points. According to Jens Gerking, the BI solution, which should be introduced under Oskar Lehmann on base by Cubeware under several aspects had the nose front: STAS CONTROL has proven standard interface for our WINCARAT and Varial before systems. The QM module is based on Quipsy which is also with us in use. Something like the quick-start warranty could offer us no one else and “the best: from my own experience I know that it is really realistic.” The introduction will be phased in in the second half of the year.