National Union Years

Teachers in struggle Culiacan, Sin.-then that the Secretariat of public education and culture (Sepyc) Mayra Lorena Zazueta Corrales accepted his and the Governor Jesus Aguilar Padilla’s family benefited with the granting of squares, the Secretary general of the National Union of education workers (SNTE) section 53 pointed out that if these grants passed through his signature, he saidnot sure. Maybe Yes, but not learn me all names, thousand 700 workers arriving perhaps any of her sisters arrived with trade union proposal, it would only matter to check it. The Union leader reported that the SNTE grants no new squares, but replaces the spaces left by retirees and when this happens, makes the proposal of who can deal with that place, but which checks the ages, profiles and approves them is the Sepyc. Age. In the SNTE said Sarabia Lopez, that the age limit for the granting of a square is 40 years.

But this was not a limiting factor to the consuegra of the Governor, Silvia Guadalupe Reyes Chavez, 50 years old, had access to a square of teacher. To do this, the leader of teachers in Sinaloa, said not having an answer, but the agreement which was made between SNTE, the Sepyc and the Government of the State was the limit of 40 years, said. The daughter-in-law. With regard to the daughter-in-law of the Governor, whose salary is not listed on the payroll, Sarabia Lopez, acknowledged what this situation is due, but explained that when a worker retires or is covered an internship, the payment of the new contracted takes months, and when it arrives, it appears altered. This same argument given to the worker Assistant Quartermaster of the kindergarten Estefania Castaneda in Mazatlan, Carlos Alfonso Zatarain Lizarraga, who appears with a salary of 79 thousand in payroll 730 pesos. Finally, he added that 250 retirements have been replaced in what the school cycle.