Maryam Hatef

To do this it varies various beats, strings and scratches on a frame drum. Mohsen Taherzadeh turns, knocks and hits his DAF with strong fervor and casual wit. For assistance, try visiting Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. A friend from Isfahan has written a text. It’s about the freedom of (Abu). The gameplay of Taherzadeh seems to demand a freedom of expression. Maryam Hatef sits between the two, making the dormant pole between two troubled spirits, which in total brought a moving and swinging music heard. Maryam Hatef and Mohsen Taherzadeh called Ambassador of deep, diverse and inspiring culture of Iran.

On the morning after the concert, we could do an interview with the musicians. They talked about their passion for music, to experience the essence of Persian culture and the lack of freedom in the Iran. Overall stay 16 days, where the Iran appearances are allowed, because there are many religious celebration months are reserved for the mourning, fasting and other reasons. But even on those days, Mrs Hatef in the Iran must not publicly occur. It is to show forbidden women. Even for male musicians, there are high requirements, as has the performance to be.

For example, the game standing is not allowed. However, there is a State Agency, the performances abroad conveyed. Here is the strategy to bring everything under his control of the Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei in the Iran and to impose many restrictions, while he promotes abroad with slivers of Persian culture, which is to shape the image of the Islamic Republic of Iran in the best way. There are people who compulsively try to separate music from politics in the Iran. Unfortunately, this is in the case of Iran cannot be separated. The regime itself is music to a political issue and uses music for political purposes. It urges the viewers in the West clearly to differentiate between the wonderful music in itself and the intentions of the regime. We do well to stay awake on the goals of the regime. Helmut N.