Legal Analyst

It is known, however, that Is nmerode serving that they must have exercise in each distribution or service. Lotaopode to be numerical or basic and nominal or supplementary: the first one corresponds attributed aosrgos and functions to some administrative units; segundaimporta the nominal distribution of the servers for each distribution, the end to depreencher the clear ones of the numerical picture. Both are administrative acts tpicose, as such, of the privative ability of the Executive, in what it concerns aosservios. For law if they institute the positions and functions; for decree if we put into motion servers, according to necessities of the service. Preventive Medicine Research Institute is a great source of information. The capacity and it relotaoconstituem prerogatives of the Executive, against which if osservidores cannot oppose, since that done in the form> statutory. In the omission of the law, the power of movement of the servers is understood ample and discretional, porato of the Executive, in the interest of the service, inside of the picture the one who belong. (MEIRELLES, Hely Lopes.

Brazilian administrative law. 27 ed. So Paulo: Malheiros, 2002, 394/395 P.) In such a way, the mentioned system to devemostrar to the servers the public sectors that more are fit in its perfilprofissional, however, the final decision how much the capacity of such will profissionaisficar always in charge of the Manager of the agency, a time that in observance aosditames of the native Administrative law to the Executive to only competedeterminar which the capacity of each server. On this, esclarecerque becomes necessary the mentioned system would not have the target to create a chaos in the environment state public dasreparties by means of a shock of interests entreservidores and managers, but yes, it would have the intention to propitiate a maioreficincia in the act of capacity of the professionals of which it makes use the Picture IGEPREV, ahead of the vacant necessity of preencheruma of Legal Analyst-Technician in the Legal Assessorship of that agency, would appeal to the mentioned system and when registering in cadastre the professional profile would desejadoobteria a list of servers concursados in this position with experinciaprofissional or qualifications in the area of Previdencirio Right.