La Palma

Ah, Yes, says the patient resigned to the ubiquitous puncture and a little impatient with fasting. But already with a degree of interest. Someone spoke of human things, finally. Another person who has the same problem as me, thought to herself. They are aware they will share the same language. Nose, sense, that the hospital and the routines of diseases are a world apart. Bilateral stroke. Taking disease base cancer with metastases.

He continued saying the young lady with a humanly friendly face. At the same time told me my mom diagnostic ultrasound discovers me pregnant. I felt a tide of feelings. I was wondering how in the misery of my mom, I could experience the happiness of a pregnancy. So in a career of misunderstandings and pain, I punished me. Drinking alcohol, smoking, neglecting me. Nothing serious, without hurting me, but I didn’t know what to do with me. I was wondering why.

How I and now. For what, how I will be able to take care of my mom and another become at the same time that depends entirely on me. But life sometimes falls silent and quiet. They do a couple of long years that a teenager smile accompanies grandma who is as soon as he learned of that sublime arrival to the destination of all, cared more and better. Bet to the life, despite the expiration date and each day a little more runs. Emotion dressed in goose bumps to one who spoke that already not could continue to do so and the patient. Both with a brilliance of eyes and moults, while life speaks, looked enternecidas the most beautiful in the photographs, the pictures of three women happy. Three generations that make the leg to live more fully and happily as possible. With much and little at a time. The affection that unites them. And making participants to all that sometimes must silence, so that life speak and say what they have to say in the most subtle of the languages, of feelings.