Karelia: where, what, and why? A region to discover Karelia is a region that is little known. Most probably ask yourself: what is it and where it probably is. And if they discovered where it is located, then one wonders again, what is there because in Karelia? What is Karelia? The historical territory of Karelia is divided between Russia and Finland. The population of Karelia is therefore but mixed: Finns, Karelians and Russians and there are huge cultural, linguistic and religious differences. Karelia’s location is very convenient, it is situated between the Baltic Sea and white sea.

From North to South, the region extends approximately between the 60th latitude and the Arctic circle. To the East, the W limit the area the Finnish sea, eisse sea, the Onega and Ladoga. The give a unique natural Karelia a very tough climate. But not only climate makes it hard the people in Karelia: since the Russo Finnish war to Russia, but by the Stalinist policy of resettlement many Karelians have it heard in 1940 and Karelierinnen to leave the country. Some of those will now be back to its origins. The area is beautiful: it resembles a fairy tale about the snow Queen in the winter and in the summer you can enjoy countless lakes and hills of this region.

If you want Karelia, you won’t be disappointed. Here you can relax right: bicycle ride whether on the beach, in the Woods, or at the ski run – this will be an unforgettable experience. Hoteles in Karelia have also much to offer: typical Russian-style Banya, a type of steam sauna or if you want to fish or hunt, you are also supported. Hotels in Karelia have interesting offers of tours and excursions. Karelia discover that you can start end corners of Karelia best from Rostock, Germany. You can take the ferry to Helsinki and from there you can take the train to Kitee.