Holistic Test

The economy needs alternative healing strategies. If we look around us, we all sick people see with us should be aware that to 90% of all diseases are caused psychologically. When we see around us more and more sensitive, we see unhappy people. To broaden your perception, visit Dr. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr.. If someone wears a mask ago its true I, we recognize that faster and more often. Executives who are not authentic, that her personality a negative impact on others to be achieve only mediocre successes. You may reach the predetermined targets and numbers, but it is questionable, at whose expense. Mostly at the expense of employees.

Unhappy employees cost a company a fortune or that prevent you making a fortune. Each unhappy employee costs a company’s profit. And applies to self-employed persons, that the own evil own not free being blocked success. Surgeries are full of patients. The hospitals are overflowing. And also healers, therapists, consultants and Coaches have full practices.

Masses of people would be healthy again find happiness and success can, and let their suffering and fears are finally behind him. Same people who themselves work, operate in companies, will be dashed in which what you laboriously build up. This is however only one side of reality. The other side is that, if we look at companies, we find exactly the people who are on the lookout for health, happiness and prosperity. Often for years and often in vain. Not more than 10% of people in a company are really happy people. One notices that their luck also. These are also the people who do well managers and employees. And what’s up with the vision of a company to do? A lot! Imagine that the head of a company has created the vision for his company. If he is however not even happy, he will usually formulate a vision that carries no force in itself, but his energies.