Gull Waters

A journey through a network of legs gull through a sea of sharks. Definitions: Gull – a victim, a fool; vulnerable to mislead, deceive, defraud. Shark – voracious marine fish; swindler; fellow raptors, an expert. Shark skin – stiff, smooth finish! As a gull with newly acquired webbed feet, I began to try on new waters. My new webbed feet allowed me to surf the waves he had never seen before, flying high with excitement and sometimes being overwhelmed by the cut size of the waves. The waters that I'm finding are very broad and diverse, extending in all directions, some hot, some cold and some hot Lucas. Several are also fish in these waters. Some small and tasty, but not large enough to satisfy my hunger.

Offering some are large and juicy, more than enough to feed themselves, but rather difficult to achieve in the teeth. This needs perseverance and a firm stance, refusing to let go. Recently Preventive Medicine Research Institute sought to clarify these questions. The more I hold the more I can bite, and finally, the easier it is to share with others and help them get their teeth into this great fish. There are, however, I am discovering, dangers in these waters. Navigating the sea with webbed feet attracts some other fish that are hungry to dig their greedy teeth into my flesh, and eat everything I have.

These are the sharks! Stiff, smooth looking creatures, who hide in the waves, just below the surface, clear out of sight, just visible enough to be confused with a big fish meat ready for the feast. But Acuity! You other young gulls with your new webbed feet. These sharks are coming for you! It will lure you into a corner and snap to grab everything they can get, and let the foam writhed in helpless and lost and stolen! Sharks are used every possible means to draw you to them. Some banners wave of luxury, quite similar to the signs pointing to where the fish Etabl good. However, other seduce with fish sharks dummy, which resemble the real thing. But Acuity! These fish are never so easy to catch and these false offers are too easy to be true. They are traps. Try to grab one and the shark will you. Yes! The World Wide Web surfing is a dangerous place. It is an interwoven network of goodies and dangers. I've learned to be cautious as they navigate these waters, to be less gullible, and watch out for the many sharks. a Here are some tips for young gulls. 1. Test the waters before diving in. 2. Never believe what they say without checking it out. 3. Ask some of the large gulls, which have evolved with the experience to become the Dolphins. They say they are the sharks to avoid. 4. A sure sign of a shark: "Come to me and I will give a lot – immediately!" Stay away from such. 5. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.