Game Physical

to have of the state, for all the citizens, to foment practical porting deeds of division and not formal, with right to each one to exert it as its physical and mental condition (Brazil, 1988? 2010). The citizen of any age possesss the right to enjoy of practical of sports and the physical activities, that must be offered in clubs, schools and public squares under the responsibility and maintenance of the municipal governments, state and federal e, in complementary cases of the private initiative. However, it must be attenuated that for this type of attendance if it makes necessary that has accompaniment, in the public buildings as schools, of nutritionists and psychologists because is essential for correct orientation in the mental and alimentary health and for the physical development is obligator the orientation of a physical educator. Cancer research is likely to increase your knowledge. It fits it accomplishment of physical and recreativas activities that develop well-being of the pertaining to school community. Therefore, the presence of physical educator, psychologists and nutritionists are of great importance beyond dentists, palestrantes and accomplishment of programs that make possible the welfare of boys, girls, men and women.

Being thus, these programs objectify the positive quality of life and that the same ones receive an education or orientation for the best qualification from its day-day. (OMS 1978 apud RASP, 1998) it defines that the health is the perfect one welfare physicist, mental and the social adjustment and that, therefore, it cannot be restricted an absence of illnesses. In the school the pupil has in its lessons of physical education or must have the pleasure to receive the offered contents as objective only come back toward, affective, mental and motor the corporate property with its abilities and specific abilities. However, he is from the corporal culture as content of the physical education, that DAOLIO (2004), affirms to be the game, the sport, the dance, the fight and the gymnastics possibility so that the child perceives the importance of the physical activity for the health.