The human being is a psycho-somatic unit. Filed under: The Greater New York Construction User Council . It is not possible to consider the physical body separate from the mental and emotional. What happens in the body reflects what happens in the mind and vice versa. Each body reveals the history through posture, muscular tensions, painful areas, we know that tensions, contractures and muscle stiffness cause the depletion of energy and vitality. Frequently USC has said that publicly. There are studies that corroborate that deprivation of contact in the first and second childhood impedes the healthy development, both physical and psychic then determining deficiencies and disorders of behavior during adulthood. Unresolved emotional conflicts and all the stress that we support every day will form chronic muscular tensions that alter the emotional health. Each collapsed muscle blocks a movement. Our way of being and our ailments speak of what has been our history.

The profound physical contact and emotional human need (very especially in the first 5-6 years of life) is today recognized by all the experts from vanguard. A deficiency in this regard can become cause of numerous psychosomatic physical diseases. When a person is a natural need touching it, stroking it. The same action occurs before a painful part of the body: touched, it caresses or it kneads. The body forgets nothing of what he learned in life, either positive or negative. Recover your body means reconciling with him, recognizing their reasons, respect it and need it.

We understand the massage as a real possibility of promoting recovery of harmony and personal individuality which belong to each of us, allowing return to appropriating body’s own. The relationship between massage and massaged configures a beneficial for both energy dialogue. The descriptions of the different techniques and methods are intended to instruct you and accompany you in the discovery of the pleasures of massage, accompany you on the pleasure of giving and receiving, in the pleasure to know and be known.