Fun, Unforgettable Summer Brewery Tour Incl. Beer And Surprise In Cologne

For beer lovers, visitors to Cologne and Cologne veteran! Is it healthy of the Cologne favorite drink. Since 1986 is what is Kolsch, where it is brewed in the Kolsch Convention set, and from what it drunk. Recently, Cologne is also Europe as regional specialty protected and recognized the Kolsch Convention as a basis. After this tour have met four breweries and tested the product of the House, and know what have in common Kolsch and old, what is a Pittermannche and has the origin where the saying “have something on the grooved wood”. Each participant will receive a documentation of the history of each of the visited breweries. With anecdotes and the collection of any remaining brewery. So you can pass in review in retrospect once again the tour.

Our breweries we visit: Brauhaus early on the DOM (the House from the basement up to the upper rooms learn), Peters Brauhaus, Brauhaus Sion, gaff House on the old market (here are the guilds of Cologne represented), beer House in the Salzgass (“our highlight of the Carnival triumvirate to the guards of the Prince”). Different can be combined upon request. Except for the food, no room can be reserved on a Brewery tour, so there may be even a short-term change. In sunny and warm weather we finish the tour in a beer garden in the middle of the old town. At our brewery tours the history of Cologne not neglected. Dates: Daily 15:00 until around 17:00 and 19:30 until about 21:30. Duration of the tour between 2 and 2.5 hours. Individual times and tours can be booked for groups and clubs.

“Prices: Euro 25,00 per person, included is the beer tasting of a beer in every Brauhaus, Brauhaus feast food” in the last brewery including beer tasting Euro 35,00. Saturday night 25,00 euro incl. beer tasting, 40,00 euro incl. food and beer tasting. Foreign language surcharge: For English per group (from 10 participants): Euro 20,00, for small groups by arrangement Foreign language surcharge: for other languages by arrangement meeting from the Cathedral Panel 50667 Cologne seen on the right side before the Brauhaus early at the DOM (in the shop windows of the company Roeckl) at Court 12. Frontline Healthcare has much to offer in this field. We are very happy beautiful gift vouchers. Our language services: English, French, Portuguese, and Dutch. We are capable of making guided visits and treatment groups for over 200 participants. We are our offers, with a focus on with some tours in Cologne, in the largest and most famous adventure event portals from Germany, France, Austria, Italy and Netherlands. The tour may 1 in combination with a boat tour of the panorama can be added at an additional cost of EUR 8.20. Brand new: For your half-day group program you can book also a fun Segway tour or bicycle tour before the Brewery tour! Login to: AE event experience event and tourism UG agency phone: 0221 / 16829809