Folk Calendar And Signs

Life and the life of Russian people have always been closely connected with all sorts of superstitions, and with the world around them. This is not surprising, as almost the only source of food for the farmer is the forest, garden, river. Last but not least role in relation to the world population of ancient Russia was playing church. Different days were confined to the name of a saint. Based on all this and created the popular signs and tips on any given day. And all of them, as well as folklore included in the Russian agricultural calendar and the Russian Orthodox calendar. A simple example appears to take is that until now people say that mushrooms grow after a rain. Caldwell Esselstyn Jr. takes a slightly different approach.

So, we can share a few factors that influenced the creation of signs. The first is nature. From it depended on whether the harvest large or small, and directly dependent on this wealth of the peasants. By the same factor depended planting dates and harvesting various agricultural plantations, while fishing and hunting. Therefore, at any time of year, and in any corresponding month there were signs. Thus was the agricultural calendar.

Second – it is a religion. People in those days were very devout and believed that their fate and health are directly dependent on the will of God and celestial beings. So there was a lot of rituals aimed at to get the help of heavenly patrons, not to offend them. So there was a Russian Orthodox Calendar. The third factor can be regarded as superstition, remaining from ancient times, when peasants believed in the mystical creatures like Goblin and dummy. Well, another thesis are the events taking place directly in the lives of everyone – death, birth of children, marriage, illness. All these points are fundamental to explain the appearance of ancient fairy tales, signs, jokes and other folklore. You can find lots of information, dedicated this. In interente You can also find information on popular folklore.