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It is a fact that today is extremely difficult to find the time needed to go with a nutritionist and even exercise. And it is also a fact, that many do not have the willingness and the discipline necessary to lose weight. For these reasons it is precisely that there are surgical methods that will facilitate us greatly the achievement of our objective. Details can be found by clicking GNYCUC or emailing the administrator. You platicare here briefly in what consist of three of the most popular surgeries. Gastric bypass: this procedure achieves that you have quickly through the division of your stomach in a smaller portion than the other, which is finally receiving the food. Gastric sleeve: this method achieves that you swallow up to three times less amount of food through the reduction of the size of your stomach using staples. Gastric band: a band of silicone around your stomach is placed in this surgery that as in the case of the gastric sleeve, will cause a feeling of fullness in you. With all this, I hope that you decide to take the next step and look like any celebrity. I promise that in addition to raising your self esteem, you can surprise all your friends and improve your health. Original author and source of the article