Edgard Cayce

The members of the Medical College, perhaps ignored that Dr. Onetto, represented Chile in an event where gathered researchers well known in the world of parapsychology and presented a serious work on their research into Quackery in Chile, of which I am well informed by having participated in some occasions with the experimenter subject. Therefore, I have prepared this article, where is intended to give a vision general quackery and their role within modern parapsychological research, leaving for another opportunity concerning the operations carried out Filipino healers above all. The need of a cure when one is sick, is a fact evident in everything to be normal, here, that at all times there have been different means to achieve this, it is sufficient that we give a browsed to the history of medicine and find a history that confirm this assertion, as well as in religious books, which is where more background were able to analyze the quackery, and above all, because the current one, which is more in vogue, relies on spiritual foundations, to be applied, at least in what I’ve tried to investigate coupled with alo that other Parapsychologists have managed and provided. Precisely, this last I’ve earned to conduct research work related to Santeria and Spiritism, where faith plays a decisive role in the healing of people, helped the rituals and all those channels that predispose the ill individual to harmonize, rescue his health. Soon I will give to know my first results, accompanied by a significant sample of research internationally, taking into account: culture, beliefs varying traditions, individual and social behavior, as well as other factors, allowing me to delineate the profile the healer and his national and international movement.