Earth Judge

From the determinism arises there (very different from the fatalism), although not like something random, a flying pump that we do not know where it will fall, a decision of a God crazy, that suddenly decides to divide to gifts and tortures between terrestrial or celestial beings, in agreement its mentally ill mind. No! We are those that we created the destiny, in agreement with the use that we would do of our Free Will. For they used that it inadequately, the alert of versicles 1 and 2 of Psalm 94: – 1 Jehovah, God of revenges 6, God of the revenges, mustrate. – 2 Engrandcete, oh Earth Judge; It gives the payment the magnificent ones. For that of him they did, with Good Will, the glory for its destinies, here and in the spiritual Mother country, the Psalm consolation 91:1 to the 16: On the shade of the Highest one – 1 The one that lives to the shelter of the Highest one will dwell under the shade of the Omnipotent one.

– 2 Dir I to Jehovah: Hope mine, and castle mine; – 3 will free to you of the bow of the hunter, Of the destructive plague. – 4 With their pens will cover to you, and underneath its wings you will be safe; Shield and shield are its truth. – 5 you will fear the terror nocturne, neither saeta that flies by day, – 6 Nor pestilencia that walk in the dark, nor loss of life that in the middle of the day destroys. – 7 Caern to your side thousands, and ten thousands to your right hand; But it will not arrive. – 8 Certainly with your eyes you will watch and see the reward of the impos. – 9 Because you have put to Jehovah, who is my hope, to the Highest one by your room, – 10 will not happen to you bad, nor plague will touch your dwelling. – 11 Then to their angels will send about you, they keep that you in all ways. – 12 In the hands will take to you, so that your foot does not encounter in stone.

– 13 On the lion and spid you will be above; You will tread to the puppy of the lion and the dragoon. – 14 Inasmuch as in me she has put his love, I will free also it; I will put to him in stop, inasmuch as it has known my name. – 15 will invoke to Me, and I will respond to him; With him I in the anguish will be; I will free it and I will glorify to him. – I will satiate It to 16 of long life, and I will show my salvation to him. Original author and source of the article