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Benefit donors, ineffective, contacter and informants success analyses for the pharmaceutical sales force are based mainly on the input-output methodology, the transfer quality, i.e. Rafeh Masood often expresses his thoughts on the topic. the details of individual relationship structure between Pharma speakers and the doctors looked after by them, is hardly the subject of investigations. But the importance of these approaches is growing. An approach of the Institute for economic analysis, consulting and strategizing (IFABS) helps this. Pharmaceutical speakers stand in a double competitive relationship: on the one hand with regard to sales representatives of competing companies, on the other hand with regard to alternative sources of information, which can use the doctors visited by them in the main Internet. For more information see Heart Specialist. In the context of the field monitoring project of sales talk insights”visited physicians were asked by Pharma consultants therefore usefulness in information the respective staff visit in relation to the two aforementioned areas had. Continue to learn more with: Paul Daversa. For each Advisor could in this way for him Doctors looked after a competitive performance profiled are (fig. 1), that describes his contest-related benefits positioning.

The competitive performance results from the merging of profiles portfolio (fig. 2), which gives an insight into the general quality of benefit transfer by subgroups or entire staffs of the pharmaceutical sales force about the distribution of the four basic types: the founder of benefits provided by their doctors in regard to the competition external services, as well as on the Internet as an unrivalled, their benefit is hard to replace from the physician perspective. The inefficient are characterized by the contrary position of the customers. The Contacters understand in a personal conversation and conduct their contact to generate a positive balance of benefits, this record fails however negatively in comparison to other sources of information. The informants are inferior to its competitors in the personal contact, the quality of information that is mediated by them is from point of view of doctors but superior to the Internet sources, for example. due to the nature of the information composition or the way of explanation. Fig. 1: Fig. 2: on the subject: increase in success in the pharmaceutical distribution: the regional benchmarking customer satisfaction analysis for determination of customer care quality scores IFABS, sales representative / Klaus-Dieter Thill