It is always necessary to offer an alternative, to the extent that not all people are equal and not all are able to withstand the same commitments and with the same results: there are who succeeds and who fails, who loses and who wins.There is a last alternative for who has failed in the attempt with a balanced hypocaloric diet: the Association diet. To understand us, the blame for the failure of a balanced hypocaloric diet not lies about this, but about the subject, since, if it follows a pattern rules-based healthy, a correctly programmed thinning is mathematically safe. We must admit that the dietary treatment it is difficult because, apart from the many psychological problems already analysed that can hinder any attempt to weight reduction, there are many temptations and occasions for making mistakes. There are subjects which may be sensitive to any form of restriction and which react negatively against any regime that contemplates the use of weights and measures instead of the free choice of the quality and quantity of food. There are subject armed with the best intentions, eager to immediately implement the suggestions of the expert in Dietetics, who swear that they will be constants in their efforts, but then they behave confused and superficial, make everything fast and forget the most basic precautions. There are subjects which begin well, driven by the novelty and the rapid decline of the needle of the scale, but that after the initial enthusiasm are overtaken by boredom and tiredness due to continuous self-control, severe restrictions on the monotonous diet. Well, for the impatient, the defaulter, the bunglers and weak there is a last hope and one last test: maintaining the ideal weight not always easy, because not all are suited to the obligation to calculate calories introduced continuously to always keep the correspondence between these and the organizational needs, although the daily allowable number of calories is high and allows a greater elasticity in the daily distribution of food.However, the continuous reference to the table of calories, is always necessary to avoid old mistakes and thus recover weight lost at price of so many sacrifices.Therefore, thinking people that consider this too boring and heavy work, offers the opportunity from the dissociated diet, which prevents numerous disadvantages of a calorically controlled diet and allows greater freedom of choice.