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Later, the cloud reached 9.1 miles at all heights. Experts predict that the volcanic ash cloud will remain over Europe for four or five days. It should be noted that in general the Volcano Eyyafyallayekyul is relatively calm, and his last eruption occurred in 1821. In addition, as a result of a volcanic eruption spewed huge amounts of ash into the atmosphere, in Iceland because of melting caused by volcanic eruption began flooding in the south. With the advent of spring in Russia, the cases of people bitten by ticks with the arrival of spring in Russia again worsened the situation of tick-borne infections.

As Rospotrebnadzor experts say, the epidemiological situation of tick-borne viral encephalitis in Russia remains tense. For example, in 2009 compared with 2008, the incidence of tick-borne viral encephalitis has increased by almost one-third of tick-borne borreliosis – a quarter. Since the beginning of the peak activity of ticks Federal Service for Supervision of Consumer Rights Protection and Human Welfare began a weekly monitoring of tick-borne viral encephalitis. As of April 9 to 22 subjects of the Russian Federation in the medical institutions contacted 74 victims of tick bites. Swedish doctor in infectious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, Rolf Gustafsson said that 2010 could be particularly rich in mites. Despite the rather cold winter, the scientist draws attention to the fact that winter was pretty snow in many regions. And this is nothing else makes ticks quite comfortable in the winter. That allowed them to winter well not die of cold.