Communication Technologies

Invite you to think that would lead, have to make a sudden change in the inertia that is internalized not only in our stock but to the generations of our great grandparents. Here we remember that “waste” of the speaker Pareto, which he called “neophobia” (fear of the new). In our approaches to the reality of Argentina, indescribable of global events (which for brevity are consulting on the tripod, comes to proving extremely useful expository purposes the notion of “range” “spectrum” or “Rainbow.” Especially when it has been assumed that the diffuse are the limits on the happenings of the spirit.

Of course, the allegory of the spectrum has limitations. A related site: Cancer Research mentions similar findings. To begin with, the everyday is dynamic and the spectrum is only one frame of a reality that if we take the film or television canon that gives dynamism to the image, the figure is thirty (30) images per second. But in the days running (early December 2007 Gregorian calendar), appears to hint at least in our approach: one of the poles, which make up the G8, the World Trade Organization, the UN System Unidata and transnational corporations, whose headquarters is becoming less relevant to know where they are, watch the “state of the art” Technologies of Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), which are contributing to it much. At the other pole (assuming intermediate positions and changing between them) are people or groups with varying degrees of communication between whether or practice forms lifestyles, which are implicitly or explicitly reluctant to paradigms of Western culture or Euro-American, somehow crudely labeled as the “American way of life.” Needless to say, the power struggles and ideological controversies around this dynamic and seasoned traumatic events. .