How to prepare the bag for the day of childbirth pregnant women don’t want that beautiful stage who are going to feel will be completed to your baby inside the womb of them and at the same time do not see time’s come the time that your child is born and have him in their arms. Approaching the date the doctor indicated for delivery this can occur a week before or a week later. We recommend that when you get 36 weeks you start to prepare the bag to make it ready with necessary things that you’ll get to the hospital. If you prepare with time you can verify if you are missing something or include some unnecessary things but that you like or you prefer, if you do it to the rush or someone else prepares it probably forget something. Looking for a big bag and if not entered all the things you can add one more but smaller. You must save an orderly, if you want you can separate into nylon inside bag bags.

For MOM: mainly clothing: choose your favorite garment with which you feel most comfortable and used during pregnancy. Additional information is available at muscular biopsy. It has to be loose and cotton and easy to dress. Additional information at Pap Smear supports this article. If the season is winter, it takes some SAC sheltered blouse and some chatito shoe or slipper to return from the hospital. Also big underwear, a bra for breastfeeding, two pairs of socks, two Nightgowns and a gown that are loose. A Nightgown will use it during labor and insurance becomes dirty, and the other for donning after delivery to receive visits.

Then for hygiene leads: hygienic wipes, protective journals, toothbrush, toothpaste dental, SOAP, shampoo, large towels, perfume and makeup if you wish. To entertain you and feel comfortable: favorite sheets and two pillows to place in bed. Journals and pen for reading and doing crossword puzzles, or a radio. If you want some candy or beverage that you like, or that special chocolate that like women. A step stool to help you climb to the beds if they are very high and your stature is small. For baby: clothes: dress when they delivered it in your arms and to bring it back home or receive visits. The pushchair/stroller, a blanket, pacifier, a pair of tights, socks, a hat, for newborn diapers, some Teddy or toy that you’ve bought him. In some clinics the girls placed them earrings, if you want that they place carries earrings of gold or bathed. For the partner or Companion: A t-shirt, a blouse, a pair of comfortable shoes, a magazine or something to entertain themselves, and some already prepared food. You should not forget: your document and birth certificate and your partner. Reports and studies that you have done during pregnancy by doubts. If you have allergies to any medication or anything else, write down it or takes reports has given you the doctor. Camera with some rolls, if charged batteries is digital. Agenda with phone numbers of your family because if you want to call to tell him that the child was already born, or if need doctors warn by something someone. A little money in change or coins. SI llevas cell do not forget to carry the charger or charging the battery a few days earlier. Source: Press release sent by women.