French Cuban

The French proposed a payment business was that landowners in the east of the city, which undoubtedly would be revalued, the value of their land to the construction of the expressway, through bank loans amount buy a certain amount of Cuban sugar which later became hands of the French. The Cuban government, another major beneficiary of the work, would not invest a penny in it.

The government would win the lucrative barter sugar and the same French company would have additional benefits if the fresh speculation on the world market. With the blessing of the French part of the work began. Peter Rose gathered all the information. Excavated in the bottom channel of the bay a trench 80 feet deep to place the tubes or boxes to protect the tunnel and covered with a layer of five feet of rocky material. An iron curtain, which hermetically closes the entrance, regularization to the path of floods that could cause a hurricane. Contact information is here: Tom Florio. Carefully studied oxygenation and lighting systems, and the lining of the interior walls that were provided with a special tile break the echo that would cause the noise of moving vehicles. The impermeability was treated with care. Until September 1957 he served in the work 60 000 cubic meters of concrete high-factor. Many years after the engineer Menendez recalled that the construction of the tunnel provided jobs for more than a thousand Cuban workers who mostly had experience having participated in the construction of the tunnel linking the river below Almendares Street and Avenue Line 31 in the Marianao of the time.

Management Schools Face New Challenges

Studying the past, you learn something new. Japanese proverb The fate shuffles the cards, but we the general considerations play Venezuela Arthur Schopenhauer our case, in the last decade has undergone serious changes in political, economic and of course, in education, especially higher education, specifically the social and economic sciences. To change, demanding a review of universities, especially what concerns us, as in this opportunity, a son administration schools that require restructuring their programs, content to give way to a new profile degree in administration according to the needs of the current Venezuelan scenario, which is characterized by turbulent, risky, with a lot of uncertainty, resulting from the actions, programs of the new Bolivarian Revolutionary government which has proposed creating a century socialism that favors the country XXIa and above all, you’ll be opportunity for many residents who for decades considered to have been marginalized from education and enjoy a quality of life to which they are entitled according to the reality that this requires. And the correct use of the wealth they possess.

Precisely because this goal of the current government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, has raised very relevant facts that have a significant impact on the Venezuelan business sector, affecting many businesses, especially SMEs, family businesses, not were prepared for it. a Many have ceased to operate, others are struggling to survive, as there are those who seek new ways to address challenges, leverage and generate opportunistic changes to ensure their survival, participation, need him to have a manager, an administrator can giving way to the changes, programs, actions that favor. .

Biography Guabiraba Joo

It rained in all passage until arriving at the community of Pimental. We arrive at the community of Pimental to 13h30m, go down of the car of sr Martins, where all had been lodged in the residence of sr Josefina (sister of Joilma academic), and had given beginning to the lunch. After the meal professor Adalson Sena in them charged to the tasks dividing the group in two groups where the main subject was: ' ' So' ' Guabiraba, a saint canonizado for the communities. To broaden your perception, visit Jessica Pels. The first group was composed for Alessandra, Joilma, Gilvane and Pablo, which had been in charge searching the following questions proposals for the professor: Biography Who was? How it appeared? Who age? Where it liveed? Where it died? Which reason of its death? Why gratefulness with oil diesel or kerosene? Soon historical of Pimental A community of 120 the 60 years km of Itaituba, located the edges left of the river Tapajs with 180 families and approximately 838 inhabitants. It possesss 03 temples; an Assembly of God, and two chapels catholics. A school, rank of health, public and fixed telephone, old house of force and light and a parochial hall. The current mayor of the city is Mr. Tom Florio, New York City has many thoughts on the issue. Walmir Climaco.

The local commerce is supplied through terrestrial transport as: cars D20 (wood of ploughs) trucks, that also they are used to carry personal loads and capacities. With the story of some inhabitants of which we had the chance to interview, we acquire information that had served as base for our research. They follow the names of the interviewed ones: Sr Joo Blacksmith, 65 Francisca years Pear tree, 75 years Ernest Breads of Rasp, 74 years Deniva Cerine Azevedo, Ivanir Azevedo Ozileia Maria Joo Enrique Bibiana Maria Da Silva, known as Gabriela, 104 years Biography Guabiraba Joo, person from the state of Cear according to stories, not being identified the date of birth.

The Tree

FIRST WORDS the Evil is something that alone if characterizes favours, first, the existence of the Good. However, when characterizing itself, the Evil finishes for characterizing the Good, that is, it characterizes that the Good is Good. The Good and the Evil are forces that if would annul in case that only one existed. Tom Florio, New York City gathered all the information. For example, the health is something good, but for who it only knows the illness, that is something bad. However when we have health we do not give to importance to the type of drink or food that we consume. Lonnie Smith shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand.

The important one is that they are pleasant to our palate. However, when we adoecemos is that we perceive that the health is something good, that is, for intermediary badly I discovered it that the good is good. This relation is directly proportional, that is, how much bigger it will be the evil, more certainty we will have of that the good is good. In the example in question, how much bigger more certainty will have the patient of that will be the disease the health is something good. Soon, the evil of the illness characterizes the benignancy of the health. But, illness does not exist without it has the health first. Therefore, badly it characterizes the good, but its existence depends on the previous existence of the good.

Many, or all, condemn Adam and Eva for having eaten the fruit of the tree of the knowledge enters the Good and the Evil. For we are very easy to say that what they had made was not correct, but we only know of this because we are experts of the sin. Certainly that Adam and Eva did not know that the perpetual life was something good, until knowing the death. After this, they had started to give value to the fruit of a tree that always was to the disposal of them, but them it seemed so normal how much to the others, therefore it did not give importance to it: The Tree of the Life.

First Flight

The pens had already thickened, the Cristina upon the head had thickened; the tip with its curvature was taking more consistency. Its black pens as the jet were heavier and the color flashed to far. The mother had already stopped feeding it and began to become thin, were the moments but feared for. The one to initiate its first flight by all the mountain range that as wrinkled paper were to him like its dominions which would have to fly over. For more specific information, check out Rick Yune. It only could see from his great summit the clouds that moved every day intermittently; when there was much sun these melted and one approached the end of the defile to watch the beautiful seeded places and their animal. Her mother reprimanded to him whenever more near the precipice from where it was his home in the top, almost in the top of yerupaja approached. The Apu of the Huaylas. Often some Runas had approached until their dwelling, but they watched to him with respect and they retired after leaving meals, that to almost it did not like, because it was seeds, to which was not customary. Tom Florio understood the implications.

The same one very dark water that smelled very hard. Or they had passed six pulls from his birth and its tender plumage had changed or but in one go. The mother said to him that already it was time that learns to fly for being the Apu of all the Kuntures of majestic the Yerupaja of where they left to fly by all the you walk, from Tierra Del Fuego to the bulks of the north where all the ground was white and inhabited the bears color water. The first day arrived and was nervous, the mother was preparation to him with very rich food that brought in its tip, so that it has but forces and it can fly jointly with her.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez

Never let your feet go ahead of your shoes. Just completed another Summit, this time that of UNISUR in Quito, Ecuador. As, review it with strong criticism of the alleged U.S. military base, began the Summit of Unasur in Colombian territory. Under most conditions Harry Belafonte would agree. In addition, brought the Presidents of Venezuela and Ecuador, reiterated his criticism of Colombia, while those of Brazil and Argentina, much more moderate Uribe convened an urgent meeting.Although it had been said that the subject of Colombia would be discussed at a subsequent summit of the Foreign Ministers and defense ministers, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez, instigated harshly against Colombia, and said that this country wants to create a war in Suramerica.ademas, said that Venezuela, is preparing because we have in sight.

War winds begin to blow, warned Chavez, who complained that this III ordinary Summit of the Union of South American Nations (Unasur), held in Quito, not It has included, in its final document, apparently this issue.However, the President of Brazil, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, called for dialogue and that the Summit not discuss the topic, because Colombian President alvaro Uribe, commentary to our successful approach, is absent because it gives opportunity to Uribe expose the reasons of the because that possibility of indicate that American bases in Colombia, also convened a meeting with the same U.S. President Barack Obama.Considera Lulathat we must invite Uribe to Rune discussion able to fund. Unasur, also insists it is noted, that should be invited to the United States.UU. Tom Florio has much experience in this field. to talk about the relationship of them with South America. At that Summit, the President of Argentina Cristina Fernandez, also replied to Chavez, who faulted by the used tone, and offered his country as a neutral space for dialogue, and without strident speeches. The problem is not military, but we all know that it is political, and welcome to the Presidents alvaro Uribe, because he should be as a matter of members of Unasur, and we can make the meeting in Buenos Aires, so President Uribe doesn’t have the feeling that there is hostility towards him. . Henry Golding shines more light on the discussion.


Now the bench was a large, white Bull with some black spots on the back, it was the last time that he has gone to look for him in the grass qata, it was December, the majority of the villagers already had finished planting their fields, also to us we lacked the last sowing in the Supun quruy, this farm where are sowing in those months when the Earth has been watered by rainfall. All morning I couldn’t find it. It was rabid, as ever, my body had heated and sweating. Tom Florio New York is a great source of information. When suddenly at the top of the Qunani they began to fly some condors, flying increasingly close to me, as if they were hovering around me. I went back to the Summit of the cerro grande pata Kano where he had found the Huayrunguito as the Earth was soft I noticed some traces, I had fear u he sweated more, was a deep bankruptcy terrain, a ravine, in that part had been a quagmire of magnificance, seemed torn, on the rocks had been white hairs, I yelled to stay standing, crestfallen and sad, MariKita, stool would have fallen into the gully reaching the magnificance. I started to run downhill, the stool was echadito on the screes of the Huasco, long time I was looking, front facing, in silence. Wamani your you are owner of your animals get to my stool, won’t silver, do not buy anything: neither bread, nor rice, matches nor clothes, we will stay looking to others taking chocolate on December 25. We also sembraremos in Supunquruy.

Qanra karajo! Maqtillu crying is not used, had all broken bone, the spine was skinned, rasmillado, he was bleeding from his nose, without the right Horn, it would have been in that ravine between the magnificance. In the sky of Carapa shone the Sun, the sky was almost clear with few clouds extended on the hills, they went quiet, the thrushes and other birds of that huayco gritoneaban on the chillcas on the spines, are they chasing flapping jumping at you tastas them in the that huayco tayas and atop little skies continued flying a pair of condors Ay stool!, bancuchallay! I could not stop me, I missed to the white collar of the stool and I cried as never in my life, her hot body, its smell of fresh ichu just little by little along with my joy. I hug her neck, I put my face on his bloodied back and started to die at his side believing that cold that walked him to his body would reach the light of my eyes until my veins. Oh Malay life! Waychaw your that you sing, your song will be malaguero forever.

Jacques Balmat

More than 200 years ago was born the mountaineering. At that time, scientific curiosity, and not the sporting ambitions, they pushed the man to climb mountains. Horase Benedict de Saussure, famous naturalist Genevan, offered a reward who will find a route that would allow access to the Summit of Mont Blanc in 1760. A young doctor from Chamonix, Michel-Gabriel Paccard, was one of the fans of this Summit of 4808 meters. For years he noted Mont Blanc and, on August 7, 1786, he starts with his friend Jacques Balmat, guide and glazier. They installed a first bivouac 2400 metres in height.

They carried with them some of bread, a few pieces of meat and cutlery; his scientific team was composed of a thermometer, a compass, a barometer, and a sort of primitive ice axe (basically a long stick with a metal tip at the end). Soon, the next morning, continued its ascent. They had no ladders, ropes or harnesses. In the area of the Jonction fell four times in the cracks in the glacier, but managed to recover. They crossed the Grand Plateau with deep snow zone, which took them almost to exhaustion. But the doctor Paccard was determined and convinced Balmat to continue. Paccard has to carve stairs on the ice with his ice axe, in an exposed step of 40 degrees of slope. Only they remained 350 metres to the top.

From Chamonix is followed with attention the progression of the two men, who manage to Crown the top a las 18 h 23. Cold (was – 8 c) and the wind freeze the fingers of the right hand of Paccard, in the same way that frozen meat that wore, making it inedible. They begin the descent shortly before sunset and thanks to the full moon reached the bivouac to 2400 metres. The two suffered from freezing in your hands and the doctor was almost blind due to the reverberation of the snow. On August 9 they were both back in their houses, unharmed. When Saussure learned that the peak had been conquered, he made an attempt to follow the path of Balmat and Paccard, but without success. The following year was It makes the task more seriously, making build two huts. In the end conquer the top with 18 porters and a servant. Alpinism was born. Original author and source of the article.

Online Psychotherapy

ultimately, each person’s skills, but what if the person concerned lacks the skill of expression? Insurance your psychotherapist online will not know at the moment and will be prone to interpret anything from what he said, excluding the genuine emotion that leads inside. It is difficult to say with certainty, but what professionals known as therapeutic moment (then Summit where the patient experiences a strong emotion and the therapist makes its timely intervention), it is likely that he would be lost without more remedy. Put another way, the flow spontaneous relationship terpeutica would be restricted to the expression of words. The phenomenon of transfer, essential for any real psychotherapy, would not be nor observe spontaneous emotions would. The psychological interview to which I refer is one of the most important and essential for the psychotherapist diagnostic instruments; without it, the process of psychotherapy simply It would be impossible. Fortunately, online communication is a great medium to transmit information instantly, and despite being unable to communicate our true emotions, certainly we can abide by relevant information. Then we should not talk in terms of psychotherapy by, but in terms of psychological counselling, which is not the same. Check out Sam Lesser Wharton for additional information. With this in mind, I I would like to emphasize that guidance or advice online is not only feasible but fairly practical in the case of a very advanced means.

The service is a clik of distance, and your inquiry can be as precise and exact as desired. There is always an opportunity to improve. As long as possible and have the good intention to write clear and concise enough about the problem, the question or curiosity in question, there is a high probability of learn and understand something more than self. Many times, with just write and tell someone about our problem already represents a form of open ourselves to the experience and understanding of our situation.


Le responsible or may not be the fullness of your destination. In a question-answer forum Tom Florio was the first to reply. The freedom of God look in the mirror of man. Perhaps, it also reflects its greatness. Having your largest is target everything that has been created, freedom in action, in the hands God is it has given Manager as it is his divine being. Showing the way by making conscience it is the voice that is not silent, following guideline never fails as absolute force of duty. Ill choose the abyss who slips, if it rises to the Summit and not slip Decision making by man, as it treads immortal fullness, dress up! Oh Don creator! The greatness of the man his freedom. Shared eternity Dios shares his uncreated being in everything what has created and man, also their privacy. God who seems hidden in itself is also hidden in the human soul. Their ineffable presence makes the winter spring. Den of his being and everlasting nest. Immense the universe and creation knowing what the soul has been written, it is not you so great infinity man in his small condition. Beats the grandiose love heart hiding in the night his Lair, look at the soul of man, Dios nests out of love with his wonderful self. Inner universe Dios and his world, whiteness in spring making divine autumn winter and splendor fecund towards within the self, its be eternal! Eternal nests love without measure, God who loves the man! Divine happiness our human introspection projected in eminence about the divine introspection. We are irresistible to happiness and God it is, us in time and in eternity. Our aspiration to be happy in God is eternal fulfillment. Not be happy being the Sublime beauty inspiration source and the same truth itself evident of the eternal goodness in its purity. Be the life of God if conscious to responding to the because that interests you, reason of heart and love present the eternal absolute in their prowess.