Brazilian Indians

Many social anthropologists, historians and scientists already had been worried in defining and understanding the Brazilian culture in its multiple dimensions. All, along with its different politician-ideological position, are unanimous in agreeing that the marcante characteristic of our culture is the wealth of its diversity, resulted of our description-social process and the continental dimensions of our territoriality. In this direction, most correct it would be to speak in ‘ ‘ cultures brasileiras’ ‘ , instead of ‘ ‘ culture brasileira’ ‘ , given the ethnic plurality that contributed for its formation. The words of anthropologist Darcy Ribeiro are sufficiently elucidative: ‘ ‘ we appear of the confluence, entrechoque and the caldeamento of the Portuguese invader with indians indians and campineiros and African blacks, one and bridden others as escravos’ ‘. Continue to learn more with: Dean Ornish M.D. The Brazilian society and the culture are conformed as variant of the lusitana version of the civilizatria tradition European occidental person, differentiated for inherited colorings of the American indians. (Ribeiro, 1995) Although the marcante influence of the culture of European matrix for force of the Iberian settling in our country, the had culture as dominant did not obtain, of all, to erase the cultures aboriginal and African.

Quite to the contrary, the European colonizador was left to influence for the wealth of the cultural plurality of indians and blacks. However, the model of organization implanted for the Portuguese also became gift in the field of the education and the culture. Although this undisputed fact of that we are, in virtue of our description-social formation, a multiracial and pluritnica nation, of notable cultural diversity, the Brazilian school not yet learned to coexist this reality and, therefore, it does not know to work with the children and young of poor social stratus, constituted, in its great majority, of blacks and mestizos. In this direction, acurada analysis more of the history of the institutions educational in our country, by means of the resumes, didactic programs of education and books show to a superiority of the said culture ‘ ‘ superior and civilizada’ ‘ , of European matrix.