Beyond Health

2 SPECIFIC OBJECTIVES To analyze the description of the programs of mental health in Brazil and the perspectives of performance of the CAPS; To identify the main therapeutical activities developed in CAPS III Barbalha; Elencar relative information to the logistic estruturao and the operating professional team in CAPS III. 4 LITERATURE REVISION 4.1 POLITICS OF PUBLIC HEALTH IN BRAZIL PROSPECES OF THE ONLY SYSTEM OF HEALTH (SUS) Created consitucioanalmente in 1988 and regulated later for Laws 8,080 and 8,142, the Only System of Health SUS possesss specific lines of direction in art. 98 of the Constitutional text, that if they relate to the integral attendance, having to give to priority for injunctions without damages the assistenciais actions. Barbara Martin Coppolas opinions are not widely known. Beyond foreseeing the participation it accomplishes of the community in the scope of its action and the decentralization, with only direction in each sphere of government. (DORNAS; BLACKSMITH, 2003). As the Health department (2004) this system alicera in the principles of universal, public and gratuitous access to the actions and services of health; completeness of the actions, taking care of of individual as one all and not as one accumulated of parts; fairness, as to have of to take care of equally right of each one, respecting its differences; decentralization of resources of health, guaranteeing well-taken care of of the good quality next to the users who of it need; social control exerted by the City councils, State and National of Health with representation of the users, workers, rendering, formadoras organizations of the civil society and institutions. Exploring the effectiveness of these actions and of as they are seen in the remaining portion of the world, Nicollete (2010, p.1) explana that: ‘ ‘ Our system is reference for many developed countries, for presenting complitude in all the directions, for its basic principles of universality, completeness, equity, participation of the community, politician-administrative decentralization and hierarquizao/regionalizao.’ ‘ It is perceived that theoretically the SUS is very well based, however becomes necessary to understand which the degree of applicability and effectiveness of these actions.