These marks or signs that once we She was arrested in the search for meaning, are lost and eventually forgotten on the shelves of our libraries. Log information into tabs allows the creation of an open system of data collection, which provides us with additions of new ideas or concepts, depending on the thematic interests that we are working at any given time. In the case that concerns us, proposes the construction of a file sorted and systematized by topics (concepts significant ideas) that allows at the same time not only the recovery and query of a specific subject, but also the possibility of crossing or interlacing concepts and terms. THE construction of a file exist several methods and techniques that facilitate the registration description, condensation and the analysis of the documentation that we tackle for a study. Presents the characteristics of the system of indexing coordinated, that as mentioned above facilitates the thematic consultation and coordination among concepts.

It is a manual method of data with possibilities of Automation, using specific computer programs. This system leads to the elaboration of two (2) tabs: v also known as description or summary analysis tab. v indexing or elements of the Analysis tab Keywords tab: A consecutive preferably four digit number (starts 0001 0002 0003 and so on). Description: Indicates the complete bibliographic reference of the book, chapter, article, document, being worked. Summary: the use of this information area is varied and is left to the need and creativity of who is addressing a text; However it is used most frequently and as its name implies, to register a summary of one work, part of it (chapter); Article from a journal or document. Overview area can be roasted to take excerpts of an author, in this case and in addition to the reference full of work, indicate in precise form (s) page (s).