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When they started these symptoms? (b) as it can explain these symptoms? c).-with that frequency you have these symptoms? (d).-There are times of day when these symptoms are worse than other times? (e)-have worsened these symptoms?Your symptoms affect your daily activities such as eating, sleeping, talking, her relationship with her husband (o).

(f)-which has taken or that has been done to relieve these symptoms (speaks of all the medicines that has or is taking) be honest-is very possible that when We talked to our friends at times exaggerated when talking about quality of our diet, the time that we devote to exercise for our health. But it is very important, it is crucial that our doctor questions we answer with honesty. The more accurate is the information to give our doctor, the more we will be helping to he or she to plan our treatment. . Ask questions. If you don’t understand what your doctor is saying, do not feel distressed request to explain again or that use term more simple, to speak more slowly, ask him to show you where you can get more information about your condition. You have to understand and comprehend everything that your doctor it is explaining. Take notes is very important to follow all instructions from your doctor… so have to remember all that the said, is why that one suggestion is that you carry a notebook and write down everything that this doctor saying, it is possible and more easy for you is that someone else can go with you will help you to take the notes for you, so you are safe from follow your doctor’s recommendations. visit my blog for more information leave me your comment is very important for my…

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