Any camera with interchangeable lenses can be easily in a pinhole camera work to the quality is cameras today’s (digital) certainly nothing objectionable. But is a good quality photo is an interesting? I would like to go back to the beginnings of photography, all the way back to the pinhole camera, which you but not necessarily even have to build up, but can modify for photos of this kind just a traditional SLR camera. “Due to the innovations within the photography in recent years our understanding of a photo has changed certainly very: each of the many, many images, which made every day (digital) (- or rather produced?), sits” has enough sharpness, so on contrast and colours which perfectly correspond to the reality. Everything is perfect and good. Must a photograph always a motive play but just as, as we have seen it during the shooting or how we already know it in this form? The lomography”says this clearly “” No: at once you wish images which just not only a back straight “and sterile” image of reality revealed, but one entirely for himself alone standing interpretations of life without any interference by artificial or conscious processing. Exactly such images make up also with a very simple pinhole camera! But beware: this is not just a button pressed until it beeps at once to view the image result on a small monitor – with a pinhole camera you exactly select carefully what you want to photograph, aligns the camera estimates the image section, considering a possible correct exposure and then exposed the film. This kind of photography can be now truly do not call, especially since the exposure process can take easily several seconds as snapping. You can’t buy back such a pinhole camera, far more fun is it but to build something yourself! This required in the simplest case only one light-tight enclosure (about a strong, small carton), in which one stands a tiny hole and insert a piece of film.

For this however need a darkroom or experience in the self development of films. Amazingly easier to get to a real pinhole camera but with the following method: each mirror reflex camera into a pinhole camera one owns a SLR (-this of course also works with any DSLR, and here the picture results can convince not so like an analogue), so a suitable pinhole camera adapter, you can just instead of a lens on! To use the usual camera then just in between as a pinhole camera “. Would you normally again (with the same movie)”photograph, mounted a conventional lens for this easy again. A such pinhole attachment for the camera it is but nothing else than to a simple cover, supplied with each camera for interchangeable lenses or which is cheap for each system as Accessories sale purchase can be. Now, to these works to the hole”to and exposed several seconds in the manual mode of the camera, so get this this customize photographs themselves, which have a distinctive, artistic character a charm just away from the photographs of the today’s average!