French Cuban

The French proposed a payment business was that landowners in the east of the city, which undoubtedly would be revalued, the value of their land to the construction of the expressway, through bank loans amount buy a certain amount of Cuban sugar which later became hands of the French. The Cuban government, another major beneficiary of the work, would not invest a penny in it.

The government would win the lucrative barter sugar and the same French company would have additional benefits if the fresh speculation on the world market. With the blessing of the French part of the work began. Peter Rose gathered all the information. Excavated in the bottom channel of the bay a trench 80 feet deep to place the tubes or boxes to protect the tunnel and covered with a layer of five feet of rocky material. An iron curtain, which hermetically closes the entrance, regularization to the path of floods that could cause a hurricane. Contact information is here: Tom Florio. Carefully studied oxygenation and lighting systems, and the lining of the interior walls that were provided with a special tile break the echo that would cause the noise of moving vehicles. The impermeability was treated with care. Until September 1957 he served in the work 60 000 cubic meters of concrete high-factor. Many years after the engineer Menendez recalled that the construction of the tunnel provided jobs for more than a thousand Cuban workers who mostly had experience having participated in the construction of the tunnel linking the river below Almendares Street and Avenue Line 31 in the Marianao of the time.

Management Schools Face New Challenges

Studying the past, you learn something new. Japanese proverb The fate shuffles the cards, but we the general considerations play Venezuela Arthur Schopenhauer our case, in the last decade has undergone serious changes in political, economic and of course, in education, especially higher education, specifically the social and economic sciences. To change, demanding a review of universities, especially what concerns us, as in this opportunity, a son administration schools that require restructuring their programs, content to give way to a new profile degree in administration according to the needs of the current Venezuelan scenario, which is characterized by turbulent, risky, with a lot of uncertainty, resulting from the actions, programs of the new Bolivarian Revolutionary government which has proposed creating a century socialism that favors the country XXIa and above all, you’ll be opportunity for many residents who for decades considered to have been marginalized from education and enjoy a quality of life to which they are entitled according to the reality that this requires. And the correct use of the wealth they possess.

Precisely because this goal of the current government under the chairmanship of Lieutenant-Colonel Hugo Chavez Frias, has raised very relevant facts that have a significant impact on the Venezuelan business sector, affecting many businesses, especially SMEs, family businesses, not were prepared for it. a Many have ceased to operate, others are struggling to survive, as there are those who seek new ways to address challenges, leverage and generate opportunistic changes to ensure their survival, participation, need him to have a manager, an administrator can giving way to the changes, programs, actions that favor. .