Dryer Analysis Testing

The decision of when an assessment laboratory or a test of hair analysis in women who suffer from hair loss should be individually by the hair restoration specialist. This article briefly describes some situations in which a hair restoration doctor may order laboratory tests. It is important to note that this is only an overview for general information so you can understand the reason and the result if you are prompted for the hair or the analysis of laboratory tests. When a hair loss or a medical specialist in some orders of lab tests, analysis of these hair tests are ordered specific only after clinical information or observation and after carefully evaluating your hair loss. The understanding of the basis of these analyses of hair testing helps you understand the cause of your hair loss and also helps you to make a decision for treatment of hair loss. While the hair loss directly due to a deficiency of a nutrient that is believed that it is rare, a large industry has developed in recent years on the basis of nutrients the hair analysis. Several clinics and Labs claim to define a nutrient or vitamin deficiency through analysis of a sample of his hair. The Internet enables these clinics and laboratories around the world to announce, and a quick search that provide you with numerous websites that offer hair analysis.

These investigations have a simple Yes-, without doubt, that of drugs, toxins, heavy metals or exists or not? There is also the advantage that most metals and toxins sought to have a fairly stable chemical nature. It’s a front for reaction to the nutrients so they are less likely to change with exposure to the environment. Analysis of nutrients with the lab is trying to define shades of gray exactly which part of the nutrients are there? This has proven to be virtually impossible to do.

SII Diet

Irritable bowel syndrome is a type of disorder that has symptoms such as bloating, constipation, cramps, diarrhea and abdominal pain. Greater damage that IBS can do is cause great anguish and discomfort, although it may have some effect on the intestines, but something is not worry since it will not lead to serious illnesses such as cancer. IBS, or irritable bowel syndrome can be controlled with diet and medications. At least twenty percent of the adult population, suffer from IBS, so this disorder is more common of which one may come to believe. Surprisingly, SII is more frequent among women and begins before the age of 35, but of course this does not mean that men are not affected, they also suffer from IBS.

The cause of irritable bowel syndrome has yet to discover, but developed theories, which indicate that the majority of people who are affected by the SII has two points that react or are sensitive to certain types of food and even the stress. In addition, it is also believed that the immune system is also involved in the cause of IBS. Irritable bowel syndrome is thought that it is associated with the way colon reacts to foods and stress. You can follow a diet to help those who are affected with this disorder. Tries have common notion that the diet is intended to suppress disorder, and insurance that is not tasty or delicious. And it is for this reason that people cannot continue with your dietary treatment. Because of this, every time they are more recipes the diet, trying to put some flavor to your recipes and without affecting the irritable bowel syndrome.

Irritable bowel syndrome diet includes drinks, appetizers, dishes, salads, main dishes, desserts and much more. There are also recipes that are traditional, and even international recipes to suit different tastes. Although there are recipes or foods allowed, is encouraged for patients with IBS, also know the foods that should be avoided. And some They include fatty foods as the favorite of all, potato chips, some products dairy products such as cream cheese and ice, alcohol, coffee, soft drinks and chocolate. These types of foods often worsen IBS and should be avoided at all costs. However it should be noted that, apart from the products mentioned earlier still there are other types which may worsen irritable bowel syndrome. So it is very important for a patient of SII to take special note of the foods that worsen your symptoms. The best diet to control IBS is to eat foods rich in fiber, since they soften feces so it easier is that out of the intestine. There are plenty of food sources where you can get fiber, some bread, fruit, vegetables, cereals and vegetables. However, be sure to gradually include fiber in your diet, so help your body to get used to it and be able to prevent the pain of gases that can occur as one of the symptoms of IBS. Apart from food, there are also tablets of fiber, than patients with IBS they can take and mixed with a certain type of dust, to achieve a mixture rich in fiber. The amount of food a patient with SII eat, can also trigger symptoms of IBS. Large amount of food consumption can often cause cramping and diarrhea, especially for patients with IBS. The best way to avoid this type is to eat less at each meal. And if ever the IBS symptoms persist consult your doctor immediately.


The aesthetics of nail: is artificial continuation and extension of the nail through the sculpture or other medium artificial aid. == == Procedure has its origin in medicine. Fingernail extensions were originally prosthesis that should substitute for the loss of nails with artificial nails instead of claws that were no longer necessary. Lima to the customer edge of the nail. Now around the extension can choose synthetic material nail glue adheres to the design of the claw, a job that is done with an auxiliary template which is placed under the natural nail for the continuation of a later.

With the intensification of natural only possess, the nail grows naturally with a layer of synthetic material that is covered to protect around it. == Treatment and material == the material necessary for the treatment of artificial nails exist consist of each acrylic case which differs by the treatment, even if the designations are for edges. = Acrylic = also called ‘nails’ are 2 acrylic components built support, a liquid and a very fine acrylic powder. This system is a mixture of components separately. The material is distinguished by its great hardness that makes possible to work very fine parts of whole nail. = Gel = known as gel nails do fingernails from a reactive UV acrylic gel that hardens under ultraviolet light. The beautician has device hardening that the customer puts his hand.

In gel fluid in particular, gels can be of different color and other ornaments can be worked in a small stone resembling glass, dried flowers, tiny figures, etc. = fiberglass = today just fiberglass is usually reinforced with a textile resin, fiber is usually glass or silk, in several movements are replaced and sealed. However, this method is sometimes necessary to repair torn natural nails and give them the necessary stability. == Nailart == a kind of ornament of the finished nail. The variant is French manicure with the end of the nail can be natural white or radiant white, the rest are painted with transparent or slightly Milky material. But for the creativity of the designer, nails can be decorated with sticks, with an airbrush, colors and brightness or in many fancy shapes. However, a manicurist can leave it with a touch at the same time completely natural and artistic. Currently increasingly appear more men who undergo this new aesthetic. == Any health problem == all materials applied in a certified aesthetic Centre, they are checked for their use and without prejudice to health and left removed after use. However, spreads rumors about the harmful effects on the health of these types of manicure. == == Effects on the nail after removing a false fingernail, the natural nail is fine, and lies under her and softens because the false nail keratin do not have any contact with air for harden, in addition, a previous process can easily can weaken the thin nails of all modes. However, the next nail has not been changed by the new false nail, after approx. 3 months a has reached the condition before the aesthetic manicure process completely.