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Are you going to build a wooden house, but do not know what kind of building material to choose? Vendors offer round logs, natural timber, laminated veneer lumber, chopped logs, sawn timber variety. Absolute leaders in consumer liking is laminated veneer lumber and logs. Glued laminated timber, in contrast to the logs, recently appeared on the market of construction materials, but has already gain popularity. Despite the fact that the glued laminated wood quality often costs a little more expensive than logs, it makes it a serious competitor in the market of construction materials from wood. As logs, laminated veneer lumber – an environmentally friendly material, but due to peculiarities of production, more robust and durable.

If the production of logs used solid tree trunk, then production of laminated veneer lumber requires a high quality board. Glued laminated timber, depending on the number of slats used (boards) can vary in width, which is very convenient. For example, for the construction of summer house or outbuilding suitable laminated board a small width, and to build a residential cottage, you can use a more powerful option. Round logs leaves no such freedom of choice. The manufacturing process of laminated veneer lumber is to prepare the lamellae and their subsequent bonding strong glue made from natural raw materials. Lamella is a special treatment – polishing, impregnation with special protective solutions, and only then, with the help of glue and hydraulic press fit into the laminated board. Typically, the length of laminated veneer lumber is about 6 meters, but if necessary can reach 18 m, so that the imagination of the architect-designer will, where carousing.

Each next slat is placed so that the direction of wood fibers was the opposite of the previous layer. This provides additional strength laminated veneer lumber. An additional advantage of laminated veneer lumber is perfectly flat smooth surface – this greatly facilitates the construction process and saves on a design decoration. In addition, the laminated board by a special impregnation and processing is absolutely and not susceptible to rotting and insect damage. The structure of the laminated board is that the house out of it do not shrink, and the bar does not change its geometry during the entire period of operation. At home from logs, especially if in the process of construction was used a log is not the highest quality, may subsequently lurch, nod. Like all wooden buildings, houses of laminated veneer lumber and logs is easy enough, and therefore does not require the costly construction of a massive foundation. From the foregoing it is clear why the laminated board is so sought – it is as environmentally friendly and aesthetic, as Round logs, but at the same time, more durable, long lasting and often more convenient in construction.

Beliefs Mentality

When things are going well everything is perfect, when things go wrong, or rather not as you wanted you’re wondering who or that it was responsible for that? Are you looking for someone or something on the outside who can be loaded with the guilt? Do you know it is possible you’re your the main cause of your results? Beliefs or paradigms, which govern your behavior, are unconsciously deciding for you, also because based on what you think and you learned you decide based on your decisions come the results. The mentality and the attitude with which you encaras every situation in your life experience (called business, relationships, etc.) depends on your conscience, therefore many times of your emotions when you are prey to your emotions decide and you often regret. Develop a mentality of Bulletproof, basically requires 5 steps, according to experiences: 1.-recognize what I am carrying out when not is taking me to fruition, i.e. take emotional decisions and paying the consequences, sometimes much more than economic term, is an excellent time for 2-search Help in books, groups of excellence, business coaching, be aware of what you decide, i.e. before the decision is to analyze on base that I’m taking it, intuition or emotion, be consistent between what really wish that to happen and my decision 3-patience just do what you have to do, take what is necessary as trainingtake advantage of my strengths, because you are strong, although sometimes reganes yourself, OK I decided to and accept the consequences, learn and follow along, in a Word, accept the growth of each experience gives me. 4 Failure? who tries not to is only a loser but you are trying it you are gaining experience, i.e. ceases to see the Act itself, turns to see the teachings that you left, apply it to your character and change your expectation of the next moment 5-examines your thoughts in each situation so that you start to find these old paradigms, perhaps already not serve you and are precisely those that do not let you open your attention towards what new the only thing constant is change, and who finally has that generate change is not the Government, your teachers, your church or your family, Eres tu and only your who is going to contribute in your own mentality, when you have true faith and an unwavering confidence, seras a large magnet and you art in that leader with a mentality to bulletproof.

CDs Consciousness

Also this constant ups and downs brings nothing new long more. Imagine once before, you sitting in the car, turn the ignition key… and need more to give but no gas. Imagine, the road below you moves and takes you to your destination. Inconceivable? It is for the mind. This is only a metaphor that should show up, more and more things will happen that are no longer imaginable. Expansion without end is not imaginable on Earth, already physically not. And yet, the physics seems slow their rigidity, to lose their laws.

Events manifest themselves in inexplicable ways. The so-called “Mentalists” are still wondering. Do you want part of this expansion? Did you always the best, the biggest, infinite happiness, success, d i love and much more desired. You prayed for it, constantly sent wishes, hoping and waiting. Then join now these new possibilities. But as co-creators, allow that it must be finite. Do you understand? As co-creators.

In this awareness, you can allow and admit. You are now here on Earth, to experience this. Of course you can stay only a spectator. But you see, Yes, what happens everywhere as a result. The people have taken the audience role long enough. In addition, they even watch TV and go to the movies. Permit and permit? That’s all? No, you can do even more: no expectations more, no single gene tongues. You want it all! Not only the half or just a little. Believe me, it brings you the new energy. It starts small and enters then the great. YOU have to decide. Can you trust? Take, what happens within you and around you. Be alert. Keep your eyes open. Not review. Cases no judgments. Watch. Go with one leg out of the old box. No more blame game. View it from above. Take vision. Even with little things. Look through the whole thing. No more compromises. Start there. Even if it seems impossible. It i s t but possible. It is not, you say? Nothing is impossible. You limit yourself already again. You’re your own creator. This is no secret at all! People make just one from it, to manipulate, to exploit, and depend on. But look at what now is the new energy already. If you look through it, you can see behind the freedom, independence. Pass old values, new to take its place. How can you lead you into this consciousness? How can you integrate it? There is a new Audiobook of the holistic therapist and teacher of new consciousness, Ralph-Dietmar Stief, titled “The new POWER”. It will inspire you to because you will feel the stretch in you in the internalizing of the CDs. See, the audiobook website and also the Academy Web page. Furthermore, the seminars and events our “Academy for holistic consciousness” serve you, to integrate the new energy and new awareness. There is nothing old more. Each step is aimed at the new. You will feel the lightness. You can now also Karma behind you. You can be old and healthy stay without pills, without dieting, without anti aging. I convey how this relates, in one of my next articles. Sincerely Bettina Heiniger, holistic therapist, teacher of the new consciousness

Study: Intelligent Networking Of Soft – And Hardware

Language technology automates processes and relieve the nurses study: intelligent networking of soft – and hardware should inpatient geriatric care improve Nuremberg, March 26, 2009, according to calculations of the Federal Statistical Office by 2050 as many people will be over 60 years old reborn. The age group of the over 60 years therefore grows by almost 40 percent. In particular, the share of over 75 will grow. Accordingly increases the need for nursing care and assistance especially in in-patient geriatric care. The use of innovative technology is therefore as one of the key elements to meet the changing health conditions and to ensure a high-quality and low-cost supply of older people. For this reason initiated\”the Federal Ministry for family, senior citizens, women and youth the model range of the intelligent home optimization, short distances, reduce red tape. At the Nuremberg trade fair elderly + ProPflege the final report with a focus on nursing documentation now \”presented.

It involves the use of innovative technology in the nursing home In the Munch box\”of workers Samaritans Association (ASB) in Mainz. An intelligent networking of hard – and software care processes should be optimized. This includes the Grandpa’s social software and advanced speech recognition technologies. The technical basis of the solution developed in this pilot project, which provides a structured and at the same time individual documentation of care by means of telephone and voice, is a modular, integrated information and communications platform from Aastra DeTeWe. Includes a communication server, as well as the latest versions of the communication solutions for inpatient care and assisted living: Aastra voice portal for speech recognition and the Grandpa’s social software solution for the inpatient care. The documentation using speech recognition takes place frequently in the residents rooms or near the residents rooms directly connecting to the maintenance performance. Using speech recognition much more documents directly and promptly following the maintenance performance.

Ganoderma Lucidum Antiaging

Ganoderma Lucidum, through modern scientific analysis are to found more than 200 active elements, among others: Polisacaridos(Fortalecen el sistema inmunitario,Ayudan a balancear los niveles de azucar en la sangre, Se ha apreciado propiedades antitumorales en laboratorios).Triterpenoides(ayudan a reforzar en aparato gastrico-digestivo,son considerados antialergenicos, han demostrado ser de ayuda para redeucir el colesterol), Adenosina(reduce el colesterol y la grasa,previene la fragmentacion de plaquetas que pueden causar un bloqueo en el aparato circulatorio), Gremanio Organico(eleva el nivel de oxigeno en la sangre, ayuda a fortalecer las defensas deel organismo,contribuye a mejorar la funcion cerebral)(, are you found antitumor and antiviral activity), Acidos Ganodericos (helps combat skin diseases, considered that he prevents hair loss). Presentacion:Ganocafe 3 in 1, a fusion of the most select grains of the best Brazilian gourmet coffee and the powerful patented extract of 6 varieties more powerful Ganoderma lucidum, which along with a cream not special lactea, get a harmony of aroma, flavor and health never before sight: the true evolution of the coffee. Ganochocolate, family a sweetness and flavor, but unmatched. A delicious and nutritious drink with all the benefits and the best chocolate flavor Swiss artersanal, along with our powerful extract of Ganoderma Lucidum, bringing its nutritional potential to levels never seen before. Ganoderma 90 (capsules), the true and only extract patented Ganoderma Lucidum in his State more concentrated, contained in a small capsule, it benefits the body and strengthens the body’s natural defenses. Excellium (capsules), to perform our best performance every day in our work, we need to be focused, with the mind awake and ready to work at the higher rate on an ongoing basis. Everything your body needs to achieve performance optimum of all functions of your body.