It is obvious that a person when chooses definitive profession finds innumerable reasons for which the same one will dedicate part of its life to characterize itself, or even though to dedicate the proper life to help people. He will be that the professionals of the health are if forgetting this? He will be that they are only crowding the nursing facultieses, medicine, among others only for status or will be for some special reason as to save lives? What we have seen in ours day-by-day and in the reporters strengthens the hypothesis of the first example. Lamentable! Main wronged for all this clutter human being is the users whom obligatorily they appeal to these little able professionals to understand that what is in question is well-being of the population who if felt vulnerable to as many errors. Me the administration of the institutions of health, either public or private, is a predominant factor for the degradante position that if finds the current system of Brazilian health. She is necessary to create a new model of management, to include fiscalization of the services given in clinics and hospitals, to make a control of qualification of the professionals, to humanizar the teams and to make to remember them that the final objective of all professional of health, doctors, nurses, assistant, at last, is to save the life of the people.

Autumn Wellness Travel

Feel at home in perfection: 5 * holiday at the Oceania Club Hotel that hotel feel Oceania Club the well-being of his guests agreed. Quality is the maxim of the 5 *-hotels, with the first “ultra all inclusive” offer of its kind when it opened in the year 2005 a quality offensive in the usual “all inclusive” program continued. Polls show the high guest satisfaction: the hotel rating Portal “Tripadvisor” awarded the “Certificate of Excellence” award hotel currently. The high standard of service and quality is reflected also in the SPA facilities: natural and highly effective, individually tailored care products are the basis of the beauty treatments in the SPA area of the Oceania. Anne Semonin, Paris ‘Skin care guru’, sets of customers such as hotel management on welfare.

It is considered with its successful concept of holistic beauty for over 12 years pioneered a modern beauty care, based on the interaction of body, mind and spirit. Each treatment begins with a comprehensive Skin analysis, which allows the therapist to optimally tune the products to the individual needs of the guest. In their care, only the vital forces of fresh herbs, plants and algae are used to the stimulation of the senses. Their supporters include prominent customers like Bruce Willis, Isabelle Adjani or Karen Mulder. Also the renowned beauty company Apivita can be found in the hotel’s beauty portfolio. The name Apivita comprises apis (bee) and vita (life) – a term which refers to the philosophy of the products and also that of the SPAs in the Oceania Latin. Most recently, the Greek company has brought its own, based on aromatherapy SPA product range on the market. The ingredients in the products are obtained from native plants and herbs such as Rosemary, thyme, cedar, olive and sea algae. The biodiversity of the Greek flora and the Mediterranean climate of the country determine the quality of Apivita products.