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Interview with Obeid KG reflects the development of the multimedia call center consultants Web 2.0 revolutionises the social media marketing. Through the use of social networks, the exchange of information acquired new dimensions. Authenticity, customer service and customer acquisition are promoted and optimized. This customer-friendly development requires the service agent 2.0 a multimedia consultant. In an interview with the trade magazine call center SCOUT, F. Alexander Kep expressed by company Obeid KG on the topic of customer service in the social media. Mr Kep, Web 2.0 and social media is on the rise.

What impact does this have on the call center and BPO industry? Classic call center will be extended by new instruments of dialogue and media centers, the staff service agent 2.0. What exactly is behind the term service agent 2.0? The service agent 2.0 is a multimedia supervisor. Equally, he uses various dialogue instruments such as phone, Twitter, blogs & co. How has communication between customers and company changed by social media? Brand transparency and the results of social media communications is a customer dialogue early in the public. Customers use social networks to communicate with company complaints, praise and recommendations be made aware public. How German companies react to the developments of Web 2.0? A frighteningly high percentage of German companies has lagged behind the new requirements through social media. The fear of the public dialogue often faces the realization that new opportunities and develop unstoppable.

This means that the customer has gained more power over the image of a company through Twitter, Facebook & co.? Customers participate more actively than ever before in the communication process. This requires a quick and qualified response in the B2C service. The service agent 2.0 is the non plus ultra in the communication process – both the cost aspect and its effect. Submit what approach companies, what makes Obeid so special? Obeid has both the service and the substantive added value thoughts internalized and is as BPO service providers active around 20 years. Obeid takes everything in social media: creating content, intervention monitoring, response communication, community service, and more. You can find the full interview at: press contact: F. Alexander Kep (head of media sales) Obeid KG Mainzer Landstrasse 47 D-60329 Frankfurt am main phone: 333 66 E-Mail: XING: profiles/FAlexander_Kep2 Obeid in the Internet: user/OMEGOffm company portrait: Obeid KG in Frankfurt am Main is a grown and owner-run company from the German middle class. As a service provider and service factory stands for high-quality customer service and high-performance process support in the area of business process outsourcing”Obeid. Business focus in the acquisition of standardized business processes up to multi-tiered corporate functions. As one of the first German vendors with CRM structures Obeid provides effective and measurable solutions for integrated social media marketing and customer service in the social networks. BPO – business partner Obeid cared for more than 20 years cross-industry business customers from the middle class, as well as a number of international corporations.

New Order For STAS Directly On The Middle-class Days

The comprehensive selection process of Oskar Lehmann GmbH & Co.KG completed Reilingen at the middle-class days in Reilingen ordering of STAS CONTROL, 31.5.2010 once STAS, always STAS. Jens Gerking, the controlling Manager of Oskar Lehmann GmbH & Co.KG, was satisfied customer of BI and CPM party since 2003, before he turned on Nov 1, 2009 new challenges and took over the development of controlling at Oskar Lehmann GmbH & co. KG. He will be supported in the future STAS CONTROL BI and CPM solution, which he commissioned STAS Mittelstand days in Reilingen during the 13th. This was my fifth visit to the middle-class days. I am pleased that could we in the short term it okay got from our management and I sign the order even at the event”, says Jens Gerking. I look forward, now again to be STAS customer.” The 1961 Oskar Lehmann in Blomberg-based manufacturing company produces a wide range of plastic parts such as caps, glider, etc.

for many Sectors, in particular for the furniture industry. In addition, manufactures Oskar Lehmann special products according to customer requirements and thereby offers a complete value chain from a single source, from development to production and logistics. One of the central demands of the Business Guide to the new controlling officer is to replace the existing, very expensive and not always transparent monthly reporting by a well cooked daily updates reporting system. Although Jens Gerking STAS CONTROL already knew from practice, three systems were evaluated in detail. Again, STAS was against the competition points. According to Jens Gerking, the BI solution, which should be introduced under Oskar Lehmann on base by Cubeware under several aspects had the nose front: STAS CONTROL has proven standard interface for our WINCARAT and Varial before systems. The QM module is based on Quipsy which is also with us in use. Something like the quick-start warranty could offer us no one else and “the best: from my own experience I know that it is really realistic.” The introduction will be phased in in the second half of the year.

VEPRO, PACS, And Workflow Specialist Expands Further!

The VEPRO AG from Pfungstadt (Germany) continues to grow and has opened a new branch in Austria on May 15, 2010. Thus, the number of sites around the world now rises to 6. The VEPRO Austria GmbH aims to expand its activities in Austria and to reinforce the presence there. With this step, VEPRO is able to maintain Austrian customers even better and more efficiently, as well as faster and more flexible to respond to the special requirements and wishes for the future. This is the logical consequence of the recent successes in the Austrian health care market”, said Mr Harald G. Roth of President and CEO of the VEPRO AG. In addition, the IT service providers in the health care sector can address more targeted than ever before through its branch in Wolfsberg / Carinthia of new customers. The focus also established doctors are in addition to the clinics.

Due to the high level of industry competence VEPRO can an integrated and tailored to the industry-standard processes solution portfolio consisting of PACS and VIS (RIS) as well as the to offer appropriate services. VEPRO has more than 4,000 installations worldwide extensive experience and a profound expertise in advising, building and implementing solutions for hospitals and practices. With the product of VHP (VEPRO health portal) also meet the requirements in the health care market by Tele-radiology, tele-medicine, telecommunications and integration by referring physicians can completely up to the personal health record of patients. In Austria, our expertise is highly valued, since the claims concerning quality and functionality of the products, which our customers in Germany are very similar. Our range of solutions, which we tailor to the respective customer or customer group is therefore particularly needed.” Given the positive business development in Austria, VEPRO expects to double the growth in the current year. Contact information: VEPRO Austria GmbH Harald Roth Palmer home 136 9411 St. Michael (i. Lavanttal) Tel.: + 43 (0) 4352 61605 Email:

Anxiety And Phobias By That Feel Fear

Our body is equipped with an entire complex system of survival that activates himself before the perception of any danger, are auto regulates and prepares the ground for promoting the survival of the individual. According to Maestro. Jaime De La Torre, there are a number of primary attitudes of survival in animals and in humans also. When an animal feels threatened, their first reaction is to move away from the threat. This prevents you from pain, danger and energy expenditure. However there are situations where escape is not possible, and is in these cases when the animal becomes aggressive and activates a series of reactions in your body that they prepare for the fight.

Aggression caused by fear is characteristic of animals in danger who feel cornered and without possibility of escape. When the animal feel they have opportunity to beat what threatens him, will fight against her. However, if it arrives a moment that gives account that you cannot overcome, then it abandons itself to death, i.e. it depresses and lets fight. The human brain It consists of three layers, that have been developed over the years and with the evolution of man: the oldest layer is in the center of the brain is known as brain reptileano and is in charge of regulating actions essential for survival as eating and breathing.

Then developed a second layer over the first, which is in charge of the conservation of the species and the individual. Here are the structures that correspond to the limbic system and dealing with regular emotions, food, fight, escape and avoidance of pain, and the pursuit of pleasure. The third layer is the cerebral cortex and she gives the rational and abstract thinking. Detect something that represents a danger, triggers an alarm system in the body that prepares you to survive, triggering a series of physiological reactions.


Your heart starts beating fast, feels confused and dizzy. Soon note that perhaps need to sit or may fall out. The air lacks, has that feeling sleepy in hands and feet. You feel a tightness in the chest and may even think that you it’s a heart attack. Note that something really isn’t good in you, feels die but the reality is that you are far from dying. Anxiety is a mental disorder in which a person comes to feel fear of practically anything and think that all will be increasingly worse. This fear is terrifying because it is very intense and very deeply affects those who suffer it.

If you suffer from some kind of disorder associated with anxiety, your mind will always focus on that type of fears, in many cases unjustified. You will feel that there is no possible solution to their problems, anything that you can control your fears and fundamentally feel that any kind of output there is. Feels paralyzed, thinking that nothing that can be done to resolve it there is. In a nutshell: you are frozen by fear. This type of disorder called anxiety can attack anyone in an any moment of his life. But the anxiety disorder is much more than a symptom. It can be composed of several factors.

For example, there are panic attacks, obsessive compulsive disorders and other related to the same family. There is a large number of people in the world suffering from anxiety attacks. If you have not yet seen is concerned, surely you know someone with these symptoms. If it’s yourself, it is important that you learn to help yourself. If it is a loved one’s close, it will be to learn to help you. There are answers for those who suffer from an anxiety disorder can combat your condition. They must have our support and know that there are treatments, it is not necessary to suffer without combating this increasingly common disorder in our society today. Do you want to know more about anxiety disorder and how to fight it? Original author and source of the article.