Master Profession For Bathing Establishments

BSA informed interbad in Stuttgart for the first time on the when it comes to the field of bathing establishments, the interbad in Stuttgart is the most important trade fair in Germany. A comprehensive range of information around baths, sauna and Spa is available again from 13 to 16 October 2010. Operators of private and public swimming pools or spa facilities, swimming pool builders and traders, hoteliers, architects, planners and private investors find here tangible suggestions for visionary concepts, top-notch facilities and innovative applications. At the stand of the Association of German swimming champion e. V. informed for the first time the team of the BSA-Akademie on the part-time course leadership for bathing establishments, on the examination to the marked Prepared one for bathing establishments: Hall 4, booth D 74. With the check mark For example, when the Ministry, participants as experts in the management of companies in the bad market qualify one for bad firms”. The check mark One “for bad businesses”, which is taken from, for example, by the Ministry of education in Saarland, is a stand-alone test, on which the BSA course leadership for bad firms ‘ content optimally prepared.

The part-time course leadership for bad companies “2008 by the BSA-Akademie in behalf of the Saarland Ministry of education developed. This course content prepares the examination mark One for bathing establishments, which can be stored in addition to the institution-internal audit of the BSA Academy of the Ministry of. “The BSA exam for the course leadership for bad firms” is no prerequisite for the exam before the Ministry of education in Saarland, Germany. By qualifying the BSA-Akademie and the additional possible master test, the participants secure already a significant competitive edge in a market that is increasingly important in future. More information on the interbad (Hall 4, booth D 74) or at:

Efficient Creation Of Documentations, Manuals, And Training Materials

The Web-based editorial management system “comm.editsweb” supports the authors ever shorter product life cycles, an increasing diversity and complexity of products and product lines, as well as the internationalization of markets means that the creation of technical documentation, manuals, service and training materials in the most different forms developed at a huge cost. More information for different target groups must be developed and passed on to the users in less time. To make this business profitable, companies need tools that support the creation of the document in a division of labor process at a high quality level. A high degree of reuse should be allowed through a structural, content modularization and central management of content, layout, and media data. Through the Central modular data storage so the authors can, depending on the application, text modules, media files and layouts any select from the data pool and merge to CI-compliant custom document actions. With the Web-based editorial management system “comm.editsweb” the community4you GmbH presents the editors and authors a tool available that meets this requirement exactly. “comm.editsweb” (, the Web-based authoring and publishing editorial management system component helps the authors of the creation, management and publication of CI-compliant documents – Division, cost-efficiently and at the highest quality level. The advantages of comm.editsweb: Central and versioned data storage all documents and materials are central with comm.editsweb and manages versioned.

The search is over after the current version of a document. Each author can access the entire database and individual newly assemble it. Inhaltsmodularitat the contents are modular created and managed, so that a high reuse is possible. Layoutmodularitat all the layout templates used in the company are centrally located in Comm.editsweb manages. Through the use of uniform layout ensures a consistently high quality of all documents with visibility to guarantee the recognition of your corporate identity. Office integration is minimized strongly integrating the learning curve by usual office workplace environments, such as MS Word, PowerPoint, and Excel. Authors find themselves quickly in your applications used for years. Web-based thin client of the Web-based thin client enables enterprise-wide access to the entire base stock. Offline client of the offline client, the local application of comm.editsweb, provides high mobility and independence during the document creation. Manage text and mediCollection with the libraries integrated in comm.editsweb called text or mediCollection Central, open and transparent blocks of text or media data that used multiple times with different content modules can be.

Actress Christine Neubauer In The Interview:

‘The little things of everyday life make me the happiest!’ Christine Neubauer is one of the most popular German actresses. In the early 1980s began her career with gigs at various theaters of Munich. Until today, she played well over 50 films, TV and series roles, has made a name for himself as a successful writer (Vollweib book series), and can look back on numerous awards, including the Adolf-Grimme-Preis, the Bavarian television Award and the Bambi. Since 2010, Christine Neubauer designed for the Munich-based label Schiffhauer also very successfully her own fashion line. No wonder that the power woman is completely happy with their lives. However, the 48-year-old remains always down-to-Earth and stresses that it is actually the small things of everyday life that make them the happiest. The role of flowers here, they flower Council of Holland in connection with their commitment to the site betrayed: Mrs Neubauer, what you need to be happy? I don’t need much, on material things anyway not very much. In addition to the health of course it makes me the happiest time.

And the small things of everyday life: to enjoy the family, to be able to see my son, and maybe to have a moment for myself. I’m already the happiest.” Such moments come so often unexpectedly. How does this look to you? I am experiencing some great moments of happiness when I did something on the day for myself. It must not equal a new role be, but rather a goal that I’ve set myself. Something I could do for my body, if I could do my fitness exercises.

Maybe just a moment to have, where I go only through the streets and can look into a business. Or – and it can be during a shoot – me beautiful make my home to be able to, so I feel comfortable. “And that starts with me with a bouquet of flowers.” Is there a special bouquet of flowers in her life, which has made her especially happy? There are very many bouquets that lined my way. This course starts with the famous wedding bouquet and ends with bouquets, about which one is glad because they were presented an award ceremony at the end. Has been regarded as a prize in his hands and flowers are the ostrich moments, which I also really combine luck. But also the bouquets that I picked on a wildflower meadow or I bought myself to make the hotel room just a bit nicer to come.” You can read what do flowers and lucky for you, now. Where exactly? On the website are currently the most beautiful flower moments searched. You can write down his most beautiful experience with flowers, which forever remains a remembered, there. All visitors to the site can rate the submitted stories on the basis of a scale of flower. The best stories with the most positive reviews are at the end of the action in book form with a Foreword my published.”


CeBIT: brand design GmbH is a ‘ BestPractice-IT companies 2010’ at CeBIT in Hannover the award event of outstanding IT solutions 2010 will take place on March 3, 2010 for the seventh time in the context of the world’s largest medium-sized meeting place company under the BestPracice IT. The brand construct GmbH was officially nominated. The Wurzburg company consistently deploys IT applications to transparently map processes in project management in authenticity. Thus, the company is strengthening its competitiveness. In the CeBIT Studio Mittelstand companies is the excellent BestPractice-IT 2010 “, which has put the jury on the first place, honoured. Two other companies get to the prize for the largest customer benefit 2010 “or to the Special Prize for the biggest technological advance 2010”.

We are very proud to be nominated. This is an excellent award, which underlines our commitment to new innovative IT applications. As an Office for brand management and Consulting we would also to our business partners be pioneering and carry first-class IT solutions in the management”, says Norman Muller, Managing Director of brand design GmbH. The announcement of the winning will be broadcast, live on March 3, 2010 from 12:45 to 13:30 on the Internet ( Annette Muller

London CM Electronic

The latest developments in the area of electronic books and printed editions. 2009 was one of the most successful years in the German book market. While other industry with revenues had to fight, the bookstores couldn’t breathe last year relieved. A further upward trend was also in the trading of electronic books. And it almost seems as if now the eBook trend of the US market finally has caught up with us. They were initially rather reluctant to buy a book in electronic version, now more and more readers access back.

Ultimately not only manufacturers of eBook readers such as Sony or Amazon have contributed to this success. There are even sales platforms, such as EBOZON, which, in addition to such industry luminaries as Ciando or Libri with first-class service and an ever-growing range of eBooks for an interesting offer. How magazine is Goran Cubric, Managing Director of EBOZON, told the London CM, you will continue by increasing marketing efforts make sure that the demand continues to grow for eBooks. It remains so to be seen what soon awaits us at the book market. It is exciting, but, in any case. And ultimately it’s not just on the packaging, but on the content. Whether printed or new eBook format it’s our publishers and authors for entertainment and good books to ensure. powered by CUBRIC real estate int. 95 Wilton road, Suite 3 SW1V 1BZ London United Kingdom Ciando Libri EBOZON

Date Change

To differentiate the act of an interpretation of yours (especially watching you do from who "are being") uses these tips: We define an act as something factual, you can not change, for example: "Patricia was born on 12/07/1959. In this statement we see that the date of birth is a "property" can not change the person. Whereas if you say "Patricia is an older person" … "major" is a quality attached to it that he can change and be different according to the observer that the issues, mood or emotion and mood that sits in that time to observe. In the first case (field events), we are talking about descriptions refer to properties of things, we say that we are in the context of the statements, acts or facts. In the second case (scope of interpretations), we say that we are in the framework of the explanations, opinions, beliefs or value judgments, and these are the views that we about what happened. The difference between fact and interpretation arises from the power of either language on the one hand, describing the events, and secondly, to create or change that reality according to the observations and interpretations we make of what happened. The possibility of interpreting what happened in different ways is the personal power to tell new stories or stories of the past and serve to support you to move forward. If no "unlock" this story, if you do not choose new ways to "tell" what happened, it is likely that negative story continues to block your present and preventing you from achieving what you want.