The Neck

If he manages to maneuver in get a bird or close beside her, head to head, but now there comes the denouement, and sable capercaillie feeds a few days previously he had hidden from prying eyes of their cruise and four-footed rivals. There are also air travel for distances up to 200 steps in disgrace for sable, as I silently told the December snow. " Unfortunately, these lines were written more than fifty years ago and ask them to clarify the author no longer available. Observations on the trail for hunting the larger members of the family Mustelidae, such as Hartha or wolverine, showed that their prey animals are often considerably exceeding in size and weight of the predator – for instance, musk deer, deer or elk young. Attacking the victim rapidly roll, predator grabs her neck or back of the neck and the victim is often ranges from tens of meters of riding a her enemy before they throw it, or fall, bleeding blood. If we trace the evolution of body size from large predators to smaller, easy to see that their body weight decreased more rapidly than the strength of the animal (weasels, for example, is able to drag the victim, twice the himself by weight). Usual prey of small mustelids are rodents, but they are able to acquire larger animals. These active and not on the growth of aggressive hunters during the depression of small rodents often mined grouse, and it is quite possible that the bird is in excess of the weight she attacked the enemy, raise it in the air and moves a certain distance. It seems that such flights are rare, but as the saying goes, "no smoke without fire no ", and even individual cases observed by hunters, are transmitted by word of mouth and eventually get to the pages of books.

The Wife

In addition, for two! 'Certainly, sir see – say Bulgakov (he always expressed himself in an old-fashioned politeness) – firstly, no ladies, I do not go to a restaurant. Secondly, I pointed out what dishes have fallen lady of taste. As you please, sir, and incurred expenses I beg to compensate. " And refund! Writer was invited to other Moscow newspapers, and even offered the post of Secretary of the new edition of the magazine. Bulgakov drew to a familiar work of journalists and invited everyone to meeting. Those who came were stunned: the table – fresh french bread, cups of hot strong tea, and in each – not less than two pieces of this sugar! Working conversation never took place, but the bread eaten every one. The next day the young and not so well-fed Moscow's literary fraternity traveled around the news that everyone who comes in Bulgakov's editorial serves tea with a bun. From the authors did not rebound.

A week later, the publishers realized it, but too late. Edition burnt, and the magazine so no one saw. Bulgakov, when it was possible, he liked to feed the young fellow – Olesha, Ilf and Petrov, Kataev. He gave this character a nice prank, no one is belittling: "Of course, you have already dined. Turkey, perhaps, to eat, but maybe still something to eat? " Turkey he himself liked, particularly stuffed with bacon, and remembered the taste of Christmas dishes from childhood. Journalist turkey was too expensive, but the wife was making great soup.


Readily the doctor stopped to lunch, he caught its valise, and he was for the pickup truck, ordering Anastcia to leave the horse there exactly, and went up in the car, to be able to go, and Anastcia more fast taking care of what the doctor said, he moored the horse and he went up in the car all wet. Leaving in the same hour to help DonAna.Quando Chegaram there, they had found in the entrance of the farm Inocncio and Joaquina, and when entering in the great house, Valria asked for that the Dr. was soon to see as she was its mother, and was to talk with its brothers who had finished together with to arrive the Dr. for counting everything to them what he occurred in this sad morning. Dr.

Pablo goes until varanda where if it found DonAna, and when touching in it, it woke up, looked at for the Dr. and asked: – Dr., all my children are together here? – Yes DonAna, all they are here as it asked for to you, why? It wants what you to speak for them? It questioned the good one doutor.DonAna then spoke: – I had a dream, where all were together, to see me. In this instant, DonAna looks at for the side of the Dr. and says: – How good that vocs they had also been able to come! The Dr. looks at its side and not to see nothing. goes to call all the family, asking for to them that they speak with calm with DonAna, and that it can think that has there plus somebody beyond them. when going until varanda, all observe that DonAna this quiet, and the Dr runs to examine it, and perceives that it did not breathe more, that its body was cold, and that tears ran for the face, with a calm smile, and inform that nothing more can be fact, that DonAna, were only waiting that all the children if congregated power to rest in peace. All the children start to cry, and hug the frozen body of the mother, as if thus they could be said farewell better to it. all gifts feel a peace there very great, and although DonAna to have deceased, its joy of living still was present, then, Valria crying asks for the Anastcia: – Anastcia, informs to that DonAna if was, that rain washes our faces on this day sad, and that its memory is alive forever. End.