Hippocampus Journal

Who doesn’t want that his memory remains sharp even in old age? One of the things that worries a lot of people as it ages is how they will be able to maintain his memory. We all want to be able to function normally, even as we are older. After all, who wants to be a burden to their children? Did you know that regular exercise while it is still young can help you remain healthy and be fit in old age? Recent studies show that our memory can depend on our physical state. Certain memory types depend on the hippocampus of the brain, and in this case, size does matter larger hippocampus, best. How the size of the hippocampus affects the memory according to the research, older adults who possess a good physical condition tend to have a hippocampus much larger than others who do not possess it. In addition, seniors with good fitness have a better spatial memory. In a study published in the Hippocampus Journal, the size of the hippocampus in adults with a good physical condition is responsible for approximately 40% of the advantage of spatial memory.Scientists believe that some activities have the capacity to alter the size of the hippocampus in humans.

In addition, previous studies found that as we age, the size of the hippocampus is reduced, with a rate of decline in cognitive ability which varies from one person to another. Early studies also showed that the size of the hippocampus and spatial memory in mice increases with exercise. The latest study which focuses on the hippocampus shows that exercise has an effect on the size of the hippocampus and memory in humans. The researchers found that the physical fitness of a person and their performance on certain spatial memory tests are significantly associated. The findings support the theory that their behaviour and lifestyle can influence the brain shrink when one becomes old.