Nelson Mandela

Liberdade without persistence, gratitude, respect, solidarity is autofgica and generates slavery. To use the desenraizada freedom of the historical reality, without social commitment, makes us intolerante, egoistic, ungrateful and clere in them we will become slaves of the hipertrofiada freedom and without judgment. The distortion of the freedom onipotente starts when we take decisions it are of the limits of the possible one, using right more than we have, leaving to fulfill to intransferveis duties. For idolatras of the freedom insensata, it is normal to disregard the laws, to burlar the authorities, to impose the will for the force, to explore the weak ones. In this way, they use the freedom without conscience of limits, that consist of practical the discerning one of the respect, solidarity, gratitude.

Who exclusively conceives the freedom of the point of view of the individual rights, without taking in account the corresponding social duties, conce as well as fancy and pra walks clere the impasse of the freedom, configured in bumerangues of the crimes, illnesses, drugs, inevitable in the freedom insensata, generating of slavery. Crimes, drugs are the price of the freedom without judgment. Expensive price of the slavery created with the proper hands and feet, brain and heart of the wild acts. Insupervel slavery, for which possible emancipation perhaps does not exist, therefore we are our proper oppressors. When if it is made enslaved by the tirania of another one, can still be free, same in the arrest. Therefore it can be imprisoned because of the compromised freedom, liberating.

Thus they had been Jesus, Giordano Bruno, Tiradentes, Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela and as many prisoners of conscience. Its carrascos found that to take off them of circulation, they would finish the problems that they to cause to them. But they had forgotten that, arresting the bodies, they did not arrest the interior freedoms of them, base of all freedom.

CPK Treatment

Cardiovascular effect: The effect of bigger importance in aged, that it takes the sseas fall and breakings, is postural hipotenso (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). Endocrinolgicos symptoms: It occurs for the dopaminrgico blockade in level to tuberoinfundibular, its symptoms are galactorria, amenorrhea and increase of weight (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). Malignant syndrome of the neurolptico: This syndrome is rare to occur remembers a serious form of Parkinsonismo where cause autonmica instability, lbil pulse, alterations of sanguineous, hipertermia pressure, rabdomilise and estupor, plasmtico increase CPK (creatinina-match-quinase), mioglobinemia (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). The atypical antipsychotics inhibit receivers of the dopamina and serotonina, alliviating positive symptoms and assisting in the treatment of negative symptoms without significant presence of extrapiramidais effect, the more susceptible collateral effect of this group is the weight increase. The main frmacos are the Clozapina, Risperidone and the Olanzapine. The antipsychotics of new generation come substituting excessively in the first one esquizofrnico episode, due to occurrence of lesser doses and collateral effect. Of these antipsychotics the Clozapina is the only one against indicated at the beginning of the treatment for the adverse effect to be more aggravation (GIACON and GALERA, 2005): The farmacolgico treatment must be kept in the two first years, after the first crisis, therefore patient receiving dose from medicines it presents the two four fallen again times less than patient that it does not make use. Therefore, the farmacolgica therapy must after be kept the control of the acute phase in order to diminish the risk of fallen again (ALMEIDA, DRACTU and LARANJEIRA 1996). Psicossocial intervention the boardings psicossocial is the envolvement of the carrier in social and occupational activities, this treatment to be being used to ahead diminish the marks of the insanity of the society and to the proper user whom in the majority of the times shame feels to look to aid causing an alteration that could be prevented (GIACON and GALERA, 2005).

Alba Body

Contradictions, many details badly explained, had taken the Policy to accuse Figueiredo as being ordering of the death. It arrived at other presumptions involved, that would be intermediate and even though one that would have testified the execution, but did not arrive to the main one, that is, the body of Alba. Exactly, Figueiredo and other defendant had thus finished considered and imprisoned, being that some had fulfilled the penalty integrally. Coming back the searches of the body, the paranoia was as much that certain time arrived the rays of the nonsense. A person communicated that she had a skeleton next to one quarter of the Army, to few meters of the edge of the Anhanguera highway. She very did not need for policemen and the press already to bind: ' ' Finally, she must be the body of the poor person dentista' '. In few minutes, the place all was put into motion, with apreensivos policemen ahead of a possible newness to follow in the inquiries and the press in agitation waiting the sad one, but so waited confirmation of that, after years of searches, finally the corpse of the victim was found. It fit to the medical legal expert Fortunato Badan Palhares, in few minutes, to play a cold water bucket in what it could be a new way for the inquiry. When analyzing the bones, the connoisseur evidenced that the skeleton at least was human being Policemen and reporters if entreolham they disfaram as if each one wanted to excuse itself for limped and fine rain if it would put in charge to disarrange marks of steps and tires left in the place Until this chronicle to be written, in 2005, therefore per 18 years, the mystery of the disappearance of the body of the Alba dentist continued, arrives in 2012 and nothing.